Friday, October 31, 2008

Gambling Online

Step by Step Guide to Gambling Online

Free Bonuses

Gambling online is one of the biggest money making industries on the internet. The biggest advantage that online gambling offers is to those people who are unable to visit real casinos. But it is very important to be prepared for what to expect when you visit an online casino. To make the online gambling experience fruitful and enjoyable here is a step by step guide to gambling online.

1) Choose your online casino with care.

2) There is a wide variety of online casinos available for gambling online. Find out about their reputation and reliability.

3) Before registering with an online casino find out about its popularity ratings and the number of games it has to offer.

4) Find out about the different ways in which you can deposit money with an online casino. Different online casinos offer different methods of depositing money with them. They have different methods of payouts as well.

5) Choose your online casino and play with the free offers that the casinos give to new players. Most casinos do that and use the offer to practice the game of your choice. Many casinos help train players with fake money.

6) Know the rules of the game that you intend playing in the online casino.

7) Read about the different strategies that are available in connection with the game of your choice.

8) Get familiar with the terms used in the game you have chosen for gambling online.

9) Be aware of the promotions offered by the casinos so that you can use them the first time that you play.

10) Find out about the games which offer some control over the outcome and which games are simply games of chance.

11) Always play in a casino which offers the best rules for the players.

12) Most casinos have well designed sites. Find out about your option.

Once you have registered with an online casino for gambling remember that you are there to win and not to lose money. Winning is possible. If you are losing too much then move on or quit. Do not lose your cool when you are losing money. Keep your emotions under check at all times. If you don't play with a cool head then you may lose even more. Always have a good strategy and that can happen only if you are well informed. Remember knowledge is power.

Start playing after registering and depositing the money but remember you have to be 18 years or older. The gambling experience in an online casino is great as you are there playing without the distractions caused by noise. There is no waiting for your free drink to arrive when you tend to lose precious time.

As in an actual casino so in an online casino you might lose money in the beginning before you get the hang of the game. Do not lose heart. Practice makes perfect. Practice but not when you are playing actually. That is no time to learn. Use these simple tips to make your online gambling an enjoyable and a profitable one.

Sarah Harrigan is a professional casino player and reviewer. For straight talking honest advice on online gambling casinos be sure to visit her website for comprehensive reviews on the best uk online casinos and winning casino strategies.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Online Gambling

Why You Must Have an Online Gambling Strategy Before Playing

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Every online gambler must have an online gambling strategy before starting to gamble online. Anyone who gambles without a strategy is bound to lose more money and gamble way beyond their means. In order to avoid such mishaps, it is better to have an online gambling strategy which helps you to decide how much to spend, what is the losing limit, how big or small the bets should be and what games to play. An online gambling strategy will also allow you to decide the best way in which each game can be played. Different gambling strategies have to be formulated for each type of game. For instance, the gaming strategy for online craps cannot be used for online blackjack as they are very different games. Each game must be approached in a different way.

A strategy will assist you to decide on the gambling budget. An online gambler must decide how much they are willing to spend while gambling online and must stick to that amount. Once that amount is spent, the gambler must stop gambling. Not only that but one must decide how much money to spend on each game and calculate the total amount. This amount must be fixed as the budgeted amount for that session.

A good strategy will also help you to decide the losing limit before you start to gamble. Fixing a losing limit is very important because you must decide on the maximum amount you can afford to lose while gambling online. Suppose you fix your losing limit as $500, then you should stop gambling once you have lost the $500. Without a proper strategy, you would not be able to fix a losing limit. An online gambling strategy instills discipline in an online gambler. An online gambling strategy induces an online gambler to stop gambling once he or she has reached the losing limit.

A strategy would furthermore allow you to decide which games to play and how much to bet on each game and you will be able to analyze your strengths and weaknesses as it relates to a particular game. You would be able to identify in which game you are strong and in which one you are not so strong. When you are able to identify this you will become a much better player over time thus enabling you to win consistently. In order to make all these decisions, it is very important to have an online gambling strategy which works. This means you should have no qualms about changing and amending your strategy as you go along until you have perfected it.

Sarah Harrigan is a professional casino player and reviewer. For straight talking honest advice on online casino gambling be sure to visit her website for comprehensive reviews on the best online casinos and winning casino strategies.

Friday, October 10, 2008

NFL Weekly Picks

NFL Weekly Expert Picks - Discover How to Get NFL Picks and How to Create Your Own

NFL weekly expert picks are highly sought after and quite often you must pay a monthly fee for them. But did you know that you can actually create your own and make consistent long term profits? Find out how in this article.

Where Do Picks Come From?

All good picks are the result of a good system. You might think that picks can just be made by someone who has a lot of knowledge and experience.

Whilst this is true to a degree, even the best expert is prone to making errors in judgement due to his emotions. He may even create false-logic to justify his emotional decisions. I have seen this time and time again.

A good system is not a machine - it is simple a set of rules created by an expert that must be obeyed without fail.

So what essential ingredients should any good system have?

Staking Plan

Any good system should have an adequate staking plan. Let's look to the typical gambler who is a loser, for a bad staking plan.

The typical gambler will bet a lot of money on a game. He doesn't want to bet small because that means he can't win big.

He might get lucky but when he loses he will bet even more on the next game to "make it all back". The bookies love this and have made a lot of cash out of guys who do this and eventually lose it all again.

A good staking plan is a game of "risk management". You should only bet a small amount each time. You can modify it according to the rules of the system but, in general, the amount should be low.

Here's why: even the best pro-gambler with the best analysis can go through a tough patch where he gets a large losing streak. There is no flaw in his system, it is simply the way the world works.

By betting smaller than the typical gambler, his balance can survive these moments.

Value Betting

The hallmark of any good picks are that they represent "value". This means that with every pick, the bookie has underestimated the strength of the team. This way, you get much more favorable odds and will win in the long term.

A lot of losing gamblers make the mistake of always going for the favorite in the belief that it is a profitable strategy. There is no reason why it is better to bet on the favorite versus the non-favorite. It all depends on the odds and whether the bookie is giving you any value or not.

When loser gamblers bet on the favorites, they will win more. This is called a high "strike rate". But the strike rate has nothing to do with long term profits (the yield). If you are not getting value in your picks then you can have a high strike rate but your losses will be much larger than all the small wins added up - this is a negative yield i.e. you are losing money!

Only a logical and analytical approach to gambling can ever succeed. Discover how a mathematical wizard created his own system that wins 97% of his bets at

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The Advantages of Lottery Lucky Dips

For the benefit of those who aren't familiar with the term, a Lucky Dip is a randomly generated lottery entry. Instead of the player choosing their own numbers, software running on the lottery terminal automatically selects numbers on the player's behalf.

The actual odds of you winning a jackpot using a Lucky Dip are exactly the same as when you choose lottery numbers for yourself, but there are other advantages that arguably give Lucky Dip players a clear edge...

The first advantage is that Lucky Dip entries really are random. Whereas many other players will be using birthdays, hot numbers and cold numbers to choose their numbers, you will be relying on nothing more than a random number generator. That means you will be less likely to have to share a lottery jackpot if your numbers come up than those who follow a well-known list of hot and cold numbers.

Some lottery players like to spend hours studying statistics and frequency tables in order to try and pick the numbers that have the best chance of winning. Whilst those people are free to spend their free time doing whatever they like, their extensive study doesn't change their odds of winning one iota. Buying a Lucky Dip gives you just as much chance of winning as a statistical enthusiast, and you only need to invest a minute of your time to buy one!

People who choose their own lottery numbers often have to queue for several minutes - and sometimes longer - so that they can complete their play slip manually before presenting it to their lottery retailer. Conversely, someone who plays Lucky Dip numbers can go directly to the retailer and ask for a Lucky Dip ticket. Even better, those who buy lottery tickets online can obtain all the Lucky Dip entries they need at the click of a mouse!

Buying Lucky Dip tickets also prevents you from getting superstitious about having to play certain sets of numbers repeatedly. Although there are a few people who have played the same numbers for years and eventually won a jackpot, there are far more Lucky Dip jackpot winners, so superstition really doesn't pay.

Whichever way you choose your lottery numbers, you need to be extremely lucky to hit the lottery jackpot, so why not just accept that fact and buy a Lucky Dip ticket to start with? If you get lucky and become a multi-millionaire then that's great; but if you don't then at least you won't have wasted any time or energy picking lottery numbers of your own!

Isla Campbell writes for a digital marketing agency. This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Survey #2 Says - Which Hand is the Toughest to Play in a Poker Tournament?

In the previous survey, I asked which hand tournament poker players hated the most. The winning hand was pocket Jacks.

However, in that survey, I left off A-K.

A-K or Big Slick used to be called "Walking Back to Houston." From what I've read, the reason it was called "Walking Back to Houston" is that in the big stakes games played in Dallas, players from Houston would come into town and play A-K strong. Unfortunately, they'd run into a pair of aces and go bust.

In this survey, I asked players which hand they would prefer to be dealt in the middle of a poker tournament. Again, it is your typical no limit tournament. You have an average chip stack, and are in middle position. Everyone folds to you.

Which hand would you prefer to get in this situation?

A-K unsuited or J-J?

Okay, before you read on, which hand would you prefer? Here you are acting first.

The results were as follows:

A-K unsuited 91% J-J 9%

Were you surprised by the results? Were you surprised anyone would pick pocket Jacks?
I am sure the reason players hate pocket Jacks is because they have experienced a card hitting the flop that is higher than a Jack way to often. It will happen over 65% of the time. Also, I am sure that they have experienced times when no card was higher than a Jack, but they ran into their opponent hitting a set on the flop. Not good. But it's happened to all of us.

"Tournament Poker: 101 Winning Moves" reveals the best way to play A-K, pocket Jacks and a total of 101 winning plays based on what the Tournament Poker Pros know. Want to discover what you need to know to win?

Get 10 free moves and 5 free plays at Tournament Poker.

Mitchell Cogert is the author of "Tournament Poker: 101 Winning Moves." It is the only reference book to reveal the plays the Pros use to win a poker tournament. These plays are based on reviewing 20 years worth of tournament poker strategies and by actual play against Daniel Negreanu, Erick Lindgren, David Pham and other top pros. The book is highly rated with 5 out of 5 stars on amazon.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Sports Betting

How to Manage Your Sports Betting Bankroll - Essential For Long Term Profits

If you want to profit in the long term from betting on sports, then it does not matter how good your picks are if you do not use good bankroll management. In this article, I'll share with you 3 great ways to manage your bankroll.

Constant Percentage Betting

This is the most common way to manage your bankroll. Do not make the fatal mistake that many "gamblers" do which is to bet your entire account or even half of it on one game. These types of punters are always reloading their accounts and losing money, hand over fist for eternity! They are a bookie's dream!

Instead, you should bet only a small percentage. Even 10% is actually too much because a short run of events going against you can severely impact your balance and further increase your risk.
Most pro-bettors will bet about 2% of their balance, of what they can afford to lose. This might sound small but this is low risk and will allow you to realise your long term profit potential.

Dynamic Scaling

This is a further step from constant percentage betting. Let's say you start with $100 in your account and you bet $2 per bet. When your account rises to a balance of $150, the $2 bets are no longer representing 2% of your total balance. You are actually not taking enough risk and your profits are less than what they could be.

So you should scale up your bets dynamically as your balance changes. In this case you should now be betting $3 each time instead.

Constant Profit Betting

Some bettors (not many) will instead go with constant profit. So if they are betting on a match with really long odds, they will stake less. If they are betting on a hot favourite (short odds) then they will bet more.

They will do it in a way so that the winnings will be the same every time.

The downside is that the stake on each bet (the risk) will be different for each bet. If you go with this strategy I advise you set a maximum risk limit e.g. 5% of your balance.

The only way to win consistently at sports betting is to have a logical, scientific approach. Discover the explosive secrets of how to win 97% of your sports bets from a statistics doctorate and betting professional at

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Playing Roulette Or Dancing With the Devil

Even the name roulette has a risque sound to it - and indeed the origins of roulette are steeped in diabolical intent. It is usually agreed that the first roulette wheel was invented in 1655 - a fine experiment in attempting to discover a perpetual motion machine by Blaise Pascal playing roulette a brilliant mathematician. I really think he came pretty close as I was certain the wheel was never going to stop when I placed my largest ever wager on a roulette wheel in the Las vegas Hilton last year.

Unfortunately the wheel did eventually stop and with blatant disregard to what I thought were the laws of probability it landed on black for the 6th spin in a row. But alas I was wrong the rules I was playing to were available on "how to make a killing in Vegas" type websites all over the internet which were mostly made up - in retrospect I would have been much better looking at mathematical case studies at universities and colleges. So if you want some handy tips on playing roulette -

always play on a European Table - the odds are way better
always have a goal - if you win or lose 'x' amount -that's the end of the night
don't drink too much when gambling winning streaks can turn into losing streaks very quickly

Have fun don't let gambling run your life

If you end up playing roulette - remember to minimise the house edge - if you have any choice play at a European table - it has one less '0' which makes a significant difference, But anyway have fun - there is certainly no truth to the rumour that the Blanc brothers sold their souls for the secrets of roulette before opening their first casino. My christian buddy has also kindly pointed out that if you add up all the numbers on a roulette wheel - 1-37 - you get the number 666 - the number of the beast apparently. Well I'm going to risk it because it's fun !

If you're looking to make money out of roulette it might be worth checking out the roulette killer software. It currently has a money back guarantee so you can check without any risk. I'm currently making enough money with it to carry on risking dancing with the devil!

Roulette Killer

All the best

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The 10 Common Pitfalls of Roulette Systems

Here are the ten most common types of roulette system, and why you should beware of them:

Progressive betting system: The most common of all. Lose on the first bet? Just double it and double again until you win. That's all well and good but eventually you will hit the table limit, or your own wallet's limit, and then you are bust.

Pure chance: Wait for five reds then bet on black! Does not work.

Number patterns: These systems rely on tiny discrepancies in the roulette wheel, or in the case of online casinos, in the roulette software, which cause numbers to come up in patterns. The idea is to write down the last ten spins and then use a formula to calculate the most likely number to come next. Unfortunately wheels are now so closely measured that you have a higher chance of being hit by a meteorite than of making money from this.

Wheel measuring devices: A number of electronic devices are on sale that apparently measure the roulette wheel and determine where it will stop. The problem with these is that first they do not work and secondly if you are ever spotted trying to use one you will be kicked out of the casino and will be very lucky if you avoid prosecution.

"Free" systems: All the free roulette systems on the internet rely on one factor. When you use the system you will first sign up to their recommended casino, for which the kind author gets handsomely rewarded. Avoid free systems and instead choose a system which works in any casino
Martingale: This system is one of the oldest, and probably the most simple. It relies on you doubling your bet so that each win cancels out the previous losses. As per number 1 this will cause you to go bust in the end.

Complex rules: Some systems are so complex that they are almost impossible to model mathematically. While this makes them difficult to disprove it unfortunately doesn't overcome the fact that they can't beat the house edge.

Roulette Software: Complex roulette software can record each winning number and suggest the next one for you. In effect these software packages are simply doing what one of the above systems is doing. No more no less. Don't expect any more success than by doing the guessing yourself.

Magic number: Often touted as the way to make money from the bookies machine, this system re-lies on the fact that once a certain number comes up it is always followed by another one in a strict pattern. This is clearly ludicrous and if it were ever the case would be fixed immediately.
Cheating(!): Finally, the best and worst of all. Yes, cheating can help you win but 1) it is practically impossible to do at roulette, and 2) you will be prosecuted for trying.

Avoid the roulette systems above and enjoy playing roulette.

Alex Mayer is a gaming industry professional from London, England. With a masters in Mathematics she offers private consultancy and advice to casino operators. Alex is also the author of the Mayer Roulette Strategy. Get it now, with 100% money-back guarantee.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Passive Income

Creating A Passive Income Online

To me, passive income means doing something once and then earning for a long time to come. A pop star, writer, movie star or rental property tycoon are examples, where they do something once and earn for many years o that one piece of work. In the past, this has only been available to a select few, thanks to the internet, it's now possible for anyone to experience the beauty that is, passive residual income.

This is something that you can start to do part time, then gradually this 'part time' passive income opportunity will eclipse your full time job and you will never look back again. Another benefit of having your own residual income business online, is the 'risk free' element involved. A small start up cost, with an even smaller monthly fee and you're away. And if it doesn't work, quit and that's the end of it. You do not have to take out a loan or re-mortgage your house.

If it's such a small risk, why isn't everyone doing it? I hear you cry. Well, the answer to that is simple, people are happy with their lot in life, no, sorry, people aren't happy with their lot in life, they're not happy, but equally, they are not willing to do what's needed, to change their life. As the old saying goes, 'If you keep doing what you've been doing, you're going to keep getting what you've been getting' To succeed, you must change something, it may be as small as working online for half an hour each evening at first. It drives me up the wall, when people start an online business and do very little, then wonder why they aren't earning a fortune. Doh! Follow the step by step, stick to it and you WILL be successful.

There are hundreds of passive income opportunities out there, on and off line. But the Internet has made the dream of passive residual income a reality. Today, creating a passive income online has never been easier, but there are some things to look out for.

If having your own residual income business appeals to you, a little bit of knowledge and a whole lot of drive, is all you need. With every residual income opportunity, there needs to be~

1. A product or service that people need and want
2. A step by step, PROVEN system that is so easy to follow, even your pet dog could implement the techniques.
3. Support and materials, online, offline, or indeed both.
4. History, I would never enter an passive income opportunity without a history of other people being successful with the company. In a new business, I know someone's got to be the crash test dummy, call me selfish, but I'll leave that part to someone else.
5. The opportunity to earn as much money as your heart desires.

If the opportunity checks all these boxes, you just need to ask yourself a few questions~

1. Am I going to do what it takes to succeed?
2. Have I got the desire to succeed?
3. Why do I want to succeed, are my reasons strong enough?
4. Will I stumble and fall at the first hurdle, or will I pick my self up and carry on with relentless determination?
5. Do I really want to change my life and live the life of my dreams?

If you answer these 5 questions correctly and you all know what the answers should be, you are set for success and a recurring monthly income that will change yours and your families lives forever. Go Get It!

Linden Huckle is the owner of Let Linden show you how to launch 6 automated affiliate income streams, that all provide monthly residual income:

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Internet Marketing

The Truth About Making Money with Internet Marketing

Most people who get started with Internet Marketing often struggle before learning how to make money online. It's been reported that as many as 95% of small business owners involved in Internet Marketing fail to ever create a consistent income.

As a result there seems to be a prevailing mindset that it's hard to make money in the Internet marketing arena. Actually Internet marketing does not need to be complicated and is really a very easy process when you do it right.

So why do so many Internet marketers still struggle to make money online?

Possibly the problem is that many of them seem to do what my Grandmother used to call putting the cart before the horse. In other words, they have the Internet marketing process out of order.

Before you can start earning an income with Internet marketing you'll have to start connecting with your audience. Your primary goal as an Internet marketer should not be just to sell products. It should be to make a connection with your customers or subscribers. You have to develop a "connections mindset" and not a "selling mindset". Once you make the right connections with your audience the sales will begin to follow and it won't be hard to make money in Internet Marketing.

The best way to connect with your customers is by providing them with unique and useful information so that they can make an informed decision when they buy a new product. The bond that you create with your audience allows them to feel like they can trust you to provide information that actually helps them accomplish their goals and that you won't try to sell them crappy products just to make a few extra bucks.

For instance, let's say a new Internet marketing products is getting ready to launch next week - as usual. You already know that your subscribers are being swamped with a ton of emails from all of your competitors. The problem is that they're all the same old stuff with not an original idea in the bunch. If your subscribers are like me then most of those emails probably go right in the trash. I'm not going to read the same email 100 times...and neither is your subscriber.

So how do you break through all of that garbage and really seize the opportunity to make money online? You take the time and the effort to create unique content for your subscribers. Whether you create a short report, an mp3 or a video somehow you need to show your customers that they really are worth your time and effort to provide them with unique content.

This valuable content helps your customers feel more comfortable about making careful purchase decisions. When it's time to make a sale the customer is much more inclined to buy from you because you've earned his or her trust. When you establish a relationship built on trust you soon see that it's really not that hard to make money in Internet marketing.

Joanne Mason is an Internet Marketing consultant who has been helping small business owners make money online since 1998. To learn more about the right way to make money online visit

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Home Businesses

Home businesses give the average person a chance to become very successful. Home businesses will be the next big thing in the future. Many people are failing to see the huge opportunities home businesses can offer. There are many benefits to starting or going into business for yourself. The tax benefits alone can help you out tremendously. Not to mention all the money you can make with your own business. Many people have a negative view on this type of industry but they are solely mistaken.

This industry gives everyone and I mean everyone the chance to become successful for little or no amount of risk. This is something that is unheard of. Just think about it for a second. Where else can you make hundreds of thousands of dollars for a minimal investment. No where else can you this. Before if you wanted to start a business you at least needed $20,000 dollars.

With a home business you only at most need a couple of grand, that's it. And you can get started. Many people fail to grasp this fact and fail to take advantage of the awesome opportunity this industry offers the average hard working individual.

Many people are not making the type of money they want at their day jobs. Many people are depending entirely are one source of income. Normally that sole source of income comes from their jobs. They are badly misleveraged. Everything they own depends on their income from their jobs. Their house, food, cars, clothing, and lifestyle depends on only one source of income their jobs.

When people lose their jobs they find out how badly they were misleveraged. Once they realize this it is normally too late for them. They normally have to take a lower paying job and give up the perks and the lifestyle they used to lead before. It is a harsh reality to be in. But this can all be avoided by creating a secondary source of income for yourself in your spare time.

Many people are beginning to wake up to the harsh realities that many of our white collar jobs are being exported overseas and corporations are downsizing and laying off employees just to save money. Many people are keeping their day jobs and starting a business part time. This is a very smart way to go. Creating that secondary income is a great way to ensure your family and your lifestlye can continue just in case anything were to happen at your job.

Times are changing and those who do not change with the times will get passed up by those who are willing to change with the times. Why do you think we have 20 year old billionaires but at the same time we still have baby boomers still struggling to make ends meet each month. The reason is because times are changing and those who are willing to change with the times will move ahead and those who don't will get left behind. Home businesses are a great way to start to change with the times.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Home Business Opportunity

Many people are looking for what home business opportunity they should pick. Now a days you can find a home business opportunity pretty much any where you go. What separates the really good home business opportunities from the really bad ones?

Lots of things separate the two from each other. When looking at a company there are many factors you must look at. You must do your due diligence, before joining up with any company. A home business is a great way to quit your day job. You must be sure it is really worth your time and money before joining up. When you are able to find the opportunity that works for you the rewards will be well worth your effort.

There are many things to look at before joining up with a company. One of the key things to look at when deciding to join a company is their training program. Now if you have experience in building and marketing for a business, then this may not be as important. But if you have failed in other businesses or if it maybe the first company you are joining, then this becomes a must.
Your training will determine whether or not you succeed. In business the key is to get targeted prospects to look at your site, product or whatever it is you are selling.

Many people fail in business because they have no clue how to get targeted prospects or traffic to their service or product. It is a numbers game, period. This is a fact.

Many people are told to make up a warm market list and then to contact those people. This is the worst advice ever. Most of the time the warm market list consists of family and friends. And since most of them know you have no business background they will tear you to sheds. Plus you will also need to reach lots of prospects not one or two.

Many companies teach their reps to knock door to door to try and sell. Yes it works but it is very tough and you must be able to deal with rejection. There are much easier ways to reach lots of prospects without you having to go through all of that. And that is why the companies training is so vital. Many companies have bad training and many companies just want your money and that's it. You must make sure your company has great training in place so your chances of succeeding increase.

The next thing to look at is the comp plan. You must calculate if you can really make a living from the comp plan. Many comp plans are just designed do the company makes the fortune and you make the nothing. While the company is making the big bucks. There are many comp plans out there like this. You must do the numbers in your head and be realistic. Don't get fooled, there are many bad comp plans out there.

These are two of the main things you should look for when thinking about getting into any home business opportunity.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Successful Home Based Business

What are the keys to running a succesful home based business? These are a few of the key things I think anyone needs to run a successful home based business. 90 percent of people are not making any money at all with their business. Many things contribute to this but I think the companies are most at fault.

Many companies offer little training on how to properly market for a business. Many of the companies that do offer training offer really bad advice. For example, many companies are still going by the common MLM practice of creating a warm market list and contacting the people off of that list.

This is not practical and does not work at all. Sales and business is a numbers game, in order for any business to work they must consistently market to huge numbers of people. Creating a list of your warm market will not get the job done.

Many times in fact it ends up backfiring, due to all the negative responses received from family and friends. With that being said let's go over what I think are the main elements to creating a successful home based business.

The fastest way to grow any company, is to get on the phone and make sales calls. This is the most direct route you can take and it also works the best.

Many people fear rejection which is why they would rather jump off a cliff than have to make phone calls. Studies show 90 percent of people who are making sales calls to grow their business are making over six figures per year. That stat shows how powerful making sales calls can be.
The next way to grow your company is to advertise.

Advertising can range from magazine ads, newspaper ads,Pay Per Click, TV ads, and radio ads. Posting in free classified ads, I believe is completely ineffective. Yes advertising will cost you money. I believe to have a truly effective advertising campaign going you will need an advertising budget of at least $5,000 a month.

If you don't have the money that is fine, just use whatever amount of money you can put aside to advertise with. Advertising your business is a vital element, which is often overlooked by many business owners. If you are going to be spending on advertising it makes complete sense to hire a professional copywriter to write sales ads for you.

Finally the big craze right now is Internet Marketing. Now yes you can pay for PPC to get your ads placed in search engines but you will at least need $1,000 per month depending on the keyword. I know some people who are spending $10,000 dollars a month on PPC alone.
The other way is to get organic listings in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

The thing to remember with organic listings is it at least takes ,at a minimum, 3 months for your websites to show up. And that depends on what keyword you are going after. Some keywords can take years to get top listings for.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you, period.

As you can see their are many things to know and to learn when trying to start a successful home based business. Just remember you cannot learn everything overnight. Take your time and really learn how to build a business and the payoff will be huge.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Start A Home Based Business

Why are so many people looking to start a home based business? The answer is really quite simple. The opportunity people get when they start a home based business is overwhelming. Many people take full advantage of all of the perks that come with starting a home business.
Although starting a home biz is a great way to get out of your 9 to 5 there are some precautions you should know about before you venture out and begin your biz. One of the first things you will notice when trying to start a home based business is everyone and I mean everyone will promise you something for nothing. You should just know this does not exist.

These companies or individuals are simply lying to you. They just want your money and will leave you high and dry. Now there are some great businesses out there. But you will have to do your due diligence before joining up with any company.

A home business gives the average the person the opportunity to make the kinds of money most people only dream of. Many people are not aware of how the times are changing. This is not the 1950's anymore. Going to college and getting a good paying job will not cut it anymore.

Many people miss this point entirely. People think if they get more degrees they'll be okay. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are now living in a global economy. What does that mean to the average college educated worker? Well it means instead of just having to compete against other Americans for jobs, you will now have to compete against the world. Don't believe me.

Why do you think so many jobs are being shipped overseas? Corporations only care about saving the company money, period. Many people fail to see this fact and that is the reason so many people, primarily the middle class are going to get left in the dust.

A home business gives you the chance to move ahead with the times. The tax incentives alone are great but even more importantly, a home biz gives you more leverage. Yes more leverage. Instead of having to worry about your company downsizing or your job getting shipped off to India, you can create a new income stream for yourself.

Many people are depending on 3 things to take care of them. Their job, the government and their 401k if they have one. All 3 are extremely risky and have no insurance. First off your job can fire you at any moment. Your job is not a secure income stream, it can be taken away at any moment. You have no control over what decisions your company decides to make.

You are pretty much at your companies mercy. The government is not what is used to be. We are in a financial crisis. Many experts are predicting Social Security will become bankrupt within 10 to 20 years. And if you just think about it there is no way our government is going to be able to take care everyone. And even if you do get government support, your lifestyle will dwindle immediately.

If you want to live like a poor person then have fun depending on the government. 401k's are the biggest scam of them all. 401k's offer no insurance or protection for the American worker. Sure 401k's work if the stock market is going up but in a down market you can get completely wiped out.

Imagine building a 401k for 30 plus years and then having it completely wiped out in less than 24 hours. Well this is not some fairy tale this is really happening to people. Talk to the door greeter's at Wal-Mart.

Many people will not see this coming until it is too late. Don't be one of them. Not having to depend on a job for money is such an awesome feeling. Not having to live paycheck to paycheck is also an awesome feeling. The choice is yours. You can continue to get passed up or you can join the winning side and start a home based business.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Best Home Based Internet Business

The best home based internet business is something we are all looking for. Why are we all looking for the best home based internet business? Simple we are all looking for a way to make money. We all want to quit our day jobs and become millionaires. It is something we all want.
Many people join or startup a business looking to achieve this. We all have hopes and dreams. The tough thing is to know who to trust when looking for a business to start. There is alot of hype out there. Everyone is screaming join this or buy that.

There are many promises being made and not very many of them are being kept. This is a problem we can all agree with. Too many people are getting duped online. I personally run into people all the time who have been scammed by some fly by night operation. Although I have heard many bad things, I have also met many people who have found the best home based internet business that works for them. So all hope is not lost.

There are many things to look for when looking for an online business. But there are a few things that a business must have in order to help you become successful. If a business does not have this then your chances of succeeding are greatly lowered.

If you are brand new or inexperienced then this is a must for you. In anything you do in life there will be a learning curve. You must understand that. When you are brand new to business you are just like a newborn baby. And without the proper training and guidance you will not succeed. Which is why the training a company offers is so important.

Many people overlook this powerful fact and just look at how much money they can make. They are getting ahead of themselves. The most important part is the training offered. And this has to be effective training, it must be training you can actually use to make money with. How many times have you bought an ebook only to find the business methods were ineffective?

If your company is still telling you to make a list of your warm market then your business is really off base when it comes to building a successful business. Making a list of your warm market is not an effective way to build your business. In fact it is one of the worst things you can do as a new business owner.

The training is important but what is as equally important is what the training consist of. Your training must be techniques that actually work and actually make you money. Making a list of 100 people then hoping 3 sign up and then they make a list of 100 people and hoping they get 3 each does not work.

It maybe great in theory but it does not work. And any company teaching this method to it's reps is leading them down the wrong path. Great training is something a best home based internet business would have in my opinion.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Free Home Based Business

A free home based business will not work. Plain and simple. Yes in it a perfect world it is nice to think it would.But this world is far from perfect and you are better off joining a solid business, than wasting your time with a free home based business. Just think about it for a second.

When you are in the market for a free home based business, what are you really saying about yourself? You are saying you want something for nothing and with that mentality you are going to ripped off left and right. You will never make any money looking for something for nothing. It is just a fact. There is no such thing as getting something for nothing in life.

And if you do get something for nothing in life, life has a way of balancing itself out. This is just a fact. Look at lotto winners or anyone else who has not earned what they have in life. Paris Hilton and these other spoiled brats are a perfect example of life balancing itself out. It always happens, regardless of who you are or where you come from. Something for nothing does not exist and it does happen you end losing what you have.

Now you can make a lot and I mean a lot of money with a home business. Which is why even Donald Trump endorses it. But you will have to put in the time and effort. There is nothing for free in this life. You must be passionate and really want it in order to succeed.

And this does not just go for business it also goes for anything in life. There will be ups and downs, people will mock you and try to kick you when you are down. It just comes with the territory when you go after what you want in life. But once you make it those same people will be the ones kissing your butt. True this does not pertain to business but the moral of the story does.

When I was in high school I was on the football team. My junior year we went 0 and 10. We lost every game that year. We were the laughing stock of the town. It was really bad. But we did not tuck our tails between our legs and hide. No we worked harder than ever before.

The week after the season ended we started training. We trained for the whole year and for that whole year we were criticized and laughed at by everyone. But we just kept on working and training. When the football season came around the following year, we won the whole thing. We won the championship. Needless to say everyone who put us down had joined the band wagon and was now kissing our behinds.

Now this is what being in business is like. People will think your crazy and say terrible things. But once you make it they are all your friends. This is just the way business goes, especially when you are first starting out. There will be ups and downs.

And if you are looking for the easy path or something for nothing, I will tell you now you will not make it. You must have the right mindset and you must understand there will be highs and there will be lows. If you think it will be a cake walk then you should just keep your day job because you are just wasting your time.

And looking for a free home based business is the wrong mentality to have when looking to build a business.

Top Home Based Business

What should a top home based business have? The answer could differ depending on who you are talking to but these are the things I believe a top home based business should have. First off anyone offering to build a business for you. Or offering you something for nothing is lying to you. Plain and simple.

You should not fall for these scam artists. They will tell you anything just to get your money. Get rich quick is not something you will find with a top home based business. Any business you join will take work and daily effort to get it going. There is no such thing as get rich quick. Once you understand this you are well on your way to making the big bucks.

Many people come into this industry with the get rich quick mentality and that is why they fail. They expect to make the big bucks overnight and when they don't they quit. When they quit they have no chance of ever making the money they dreamed about. If you come into this knowing it is not get rich quick and knowing there will be ups and downs then you are prepared to weather the storms.

Once you weather the storms you put yourself in a great position to make huge amounts of money. You see there is a learning curve everyone goes through, unless you have prior experience in this field. You will have to learn what works and what does not work, in order to make it.

Many people don't stick it out and that is the main reason they fail. If you are ready and willing to stick it out and learn from your mistakes then you have a great chance of making huge amounts of money.

You should first look at the training program they have in place. The training is key in order for you to succeed. Bad or no training means you will not make any money.

If the training program is solid and gives you realtime information then you are well on your way to making good money. The training program is huge for people who have never succeeded with a home business before. If you have already built successful businesses before than it is not as important for you to have the best training.It is really important for people without any training to get the training they need.

Whether the training comes from the company or your upline it does not matter. All that matters is you have someone to guide you along your path to building a successful business. Once you have the training you can take that training and make any business successful.

This is the most important part to understand when looking for a business. The training and advice you receive will either make or break you. Which is why it is so important to get the proper training.

Next look at the comp plan it has to favor you and not the company. Many comp plans are setup so it favors the company and not you. I have seen some crazy comp plans out there. Actually do the numbers and do the numbers realistically. If you have never had a huge downline take that into account.

Do not exaggerate the numbers, it will only hurt you in the long run. If you are a heavy hitter then this does not apply. But if you are not a heavy hitter you have to be realistic with yourself. You have to see if it is even worth your time, many companies are not worth your time at all.

I will tell you a quick story when I first started out I joined a certain well known company. Well I already had a strong business and marketing background so I was able to add huge numbers to my downline in a short amount of time. By the time I was done after 2 years I had a little over 67,000 people in my organization worldwide. But here's the funny part I was only making a little under 3 grand a month.

The company on the other hand was making a killing. I learned my lesson the hard way. But the comp plan does matter and you should do the numbers before joining up. The only exception to this rule is if you are going to get to work personally with a heavy hitter, then it is better to gain the knowledge from that person.

These are the two most important things to look at when joining any business. Yes the product is important but what good is having the greatest product in the world if you have no way of selling it.

The only product that sells itself is called drugs. You must have the knowledge and training needed, in order to make the type of money you want. This is what a top home based business will have.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Make Money Home Based Business

Many are struggling to make money with a home based business. This is nothing new. Studies show only ten percent of people are making money with their biz. Why is it so difficult to make money with a home based business? Well I will go into detail on what it takes to make money with a home based business.

First off I want to clear up some myths you may or may not be aware of. So let's separate fact from fiction. First it does take work to build a home business. There is no such thing as a free ride or an automated system. You will have to apply yourself daily in order to build a successful business. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you, to put it bluntly.

Next MLM's are the toughest businesses to build. I am very good at what I do and it takes a lot of effort to build a MLM company. The pay structures are setup so the company profits and so only a few reps will make the big bucks. Sorry this is just the truth. It really doesn't matter what lotion or potion you are selling, the person making the major bucks is the CEO of your MLM company. Now I am not saying it's impossible but the cards are heavily stacked against you.
Ok so with that in mind what makes a person successful when building a home business? The answer is pretty simple and straightforward. First they have a ton of prospects going to look at their biz. This is a numbers game, you must understand this.

If you are only talking to a couple people a week you will get left in the dust. You must be able to talk to hundreds of prospects a week. This is the only efficient way to build a successful downline. It is alot easier said than done. Many people are not willing to put in the daily effort it requires to get hundreds of people looking at their biz.

And it is not something that happens overnight, it takes time and money. You see all of the top earners in your company are not anything special, regardless of what they would want you to believe. They know this is a numbers game and they make sure they have the numbers coming in every week.

Many of them spend thousands upon thousands each month on advertising. I know one heavy hitter who spends about $100,000 a month on advertising alone. Needless to say he is making a ton of money. This is what many of the top guru's are doing, spending huge amounts of money on advertising.

This why they are heavy hitters and this is why many people will never make the money they dream about. Many people do not have an extra $100,000 a month to spend, most people don't even have an extra $10,000 a month to spend on advertising. If you do have deep pockets your money should go into heavy advertising and promotion if you are looking to explode your home business.

Now for those of you without deep pockets, you are going to have to come out of your comfort zone a little bit. The next best thing to heavy advertising is getting on the phone and making sales calls. Yes you will have to make sales calls and not one or two sales calls a day. To really get your business off right you should be making 100 to 300 sales calls a day. Monday through Friday and the weekends if you want.

This is what all of the top earners are doing to make their huge incomes. That's it. It sounds simple but it is a daily grind, day in and day out.

Most people are not willing to do either of the two which is why they will never make the big bucks and build a huge organization. This is what it takes to make money with a home based business.

Home Based Business Opportunity

9 Proven Ways to Ensure Success When Picking a Home Based Business Opportunity

By Aniko C Fekete

There are so many options on the internet today that choosing an home business opportunity can be overwhelming at first. There is so much information, websites, emails, audios and options explaining different home business opportunities. It is very easy for you to become numb looking at the options and opportunities out there. You can easily throw up your hands continue working a nine to five job since you are not sure which way to turn for true legitimate advice when picking a home based business opportunity.

To ensure your success from the very beginning with a home based business opportunity and business venture it is vitally important to have all 9 elements in place so you have results in your personal bank account. It is like baking a cake. If any of the 9 elements are missing then your success can be impacted or delayed by several years. The investment of research upfront when choosing the right home based business opportunity will save you years of frustration, time and money.

It is best said that when picking a home based business opportunity it is best to seek out the people and a team that has the success to back up the testimonials as well as continued success with brand team members that are new with no experience to the business experience the same duplicable success..

There are 9 proven ways and important considerations to make sure are in place to ensure your success from the very beginning.

1.) FUNDED PROPOSAL SYSTEM: - Does the home business opportunity have a funded proposal system that offers a front end product that is $50 or less? Why is this important to consider? Well if you or any serious entrepreneur is interested in being home full time and making a six or multiple six figure annual income then they will easily pay a $50 application fee to see if they qualify. A bonus is when the marketing system offers a product in exchange for the $50 that you are paying for the application. What does this do for your business, time and marketing? When you have a business online you are advertising. A funded proposal system is designed and will assist you in a few ways. You will receive back a portion of every application that is submitted which will assist you in funding your marketing. Secondly, using the funded proposal system you are sifting and sorting serious entrepreneurs that are interested in making a living from home. If someone is not willing to pay for an application that cost less than $50 then they are clearly not serious about having a very profitable business opportunity from home.

2.) CALL CENTER: - The funded proposal system ties in nicely with a call center. If your objective is to have a home based business opportunity and be home spending quality time with family or just plainly buying back some of your time that you have been working endless hours at work and sitting in traffic then the last thing you may want to do is call hundreds of prospects and leads opting into your website to see if they quality. This would mean that you are interested in sales and being on the phone anywhere from 3-4 hours daily just to see if people quality. Well if you seek out a home base d base d business opportunity it is a good idea to have the funded proposal system to have serious business seekers and entrepreneurs fill out an application. The call center is another automated part of your business where the calls will be handled for you. The call center will call your applicants and answer any questions for you on your behalf.

3.) TURNKEY MARKETING SOLUTION: Build or better yet find one that is an Attraction Marketing system that does 90 per cent of the work for you, sorting, selling, training, etc, etc. This system must not only attract (right keywords, ads etc) the right type of person but be able to present the information in such a way that is clear, concise, to the point and not full of hype fluff or crazy promises. It addition it must have a turnkey option where you do not have to learn how to market and can automatically have traffic and sales working for you by having your in house call center doing the call and closing the sales for you. Your turnkey marketing solution along with the call center will have your home based business opportunity have consistent results and profit for you.

4.) PRODUCTS:Make sure that the products being sold are legitimate stand alone products, products that would sell themselves if on a shelf in a store etc. Most network marketing and direct sales companies out there are built around the compensation plan and NOT a stand alone product. If what you are marketing is NOT a stand alone product, you will have a hard time building residual inc0me and a stable business, as most people will not be able to duplicate what you are doing and your attrition will be huge. One way to tell if the products are viable is to see what percentage of the products sold are retail sales. If people are only buying the products to be able to turn around and sell them to other recruits, beware. This is so critical. Beside who doesn't want to be proud of what they're selling. There are enough legitimate companies marketing legitimate products out there. Find one that feels right to you! The product is your back bone for the home based business opportunity.

5.) COMPENSATION PLAN: Direct Sales BUT, only if it has a residual inc0me based compensation plan. When choosing a home based business opportunity you want to make sure that you are maximizing your time and have leverage working for you. Choose a compensation plan where you get paid large profits upfront but also have multiple income streams built into the business model so you are paid in the future for today's work.

6.) TRAINING: Find a home based business opportunity where one on one and group training designed to dramatically shorten the new consultants learning curves and reduce the number of variables that come with "trial and error". Find a system that is designed to "share" the knowledge and experience with EVERY member through daily training calls and connecting through a forum. Find a company where you are directly connected to top producers LIVE, 4 days a week, as if they were sitting in the office with them.

7.) SUPPORT: Unparalleled support is mandatory. When seeking a home based business opportunity it is important to be surrounded by an extraordinary amount of support so you know both yourself and team have an abundant amount of support. The access should be direct phone numbers for not only your direct mentor but over 40 additional mentors that You can call and reach out to at anytime.

8.) MENTOR: When choosing a home based business opportunity find a mentor. Someone you can trust. Someone who has a system. Someone who already has the results you are looking for. This has to be someone who is willing to listen to your needs and actually cares about your success. He/she must also have a financial interest in your success. Make sure your mentor gets paid EVERY TIME you do!

9.) DUPLICATION, DUPLICATION, DUPLICATION: The way you truly know that a sales and marketing system for a home based business works is when a brand new person that has no marketing experience and is not picking up the phone is making sales within their first few weeks. Yes at first hearing something like this seems to good to be true for anyone especially when overwhelmed with so much hyped up ads and marketing. Therefore it is best for you to research, go through the process and do your due diligence.

Aniko' Fekete is an Expert Internet Marketer, Coach and Millionaire Maker. "Learn how to earn a realistic $250K First Year Income, No Selling, Turnkey, Automated, Multiple Income Streams!" ==>

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Legitimate Home Based Business

A legitimate home based business can help you in many ways. A legitimate home based business can help you make the type of money you have always been trying to make. Now a legitimate home based business is nothing like a scam. Once you become familiar with what to look for when looking to join a company you can tell what is a scam and what is not a scam.

There are many companies out there who will promise you the world and completely under deliver. They are just after your money plain and simple. They have no real intentions of helping you earn the money they have promised you. This may have already happened to you.

If it has do not worry, most of us have all been there and gone through that. The key is to not lose hope when it comes to making money from home. There are legitimate home based businesses out there. You just have to know what is a scam and what is a solid business.

First and foremost they must have a product. No product and it is illegal. The product is key. Many companies have noproducts what so ever. These are called pyramid schemes. They will eventually get shut down or even worse just disappear with your money. This is an obvious sign that a company is a scam. No product don't join, no matter what they may tell you.

Next most companies and company reps will promise you anything and everything. Now just because a rep promises you the world does not mean the company is a scam. I know reps who will say anything just to get your money. Just because they promise you something does not make the company a scam.

Now if the company is promising to build your business for you and telling you, you will not have to do nay work. Then the company is something I would not join. Here is a fact no matter what company you get yourself involved in, you will have to manage and run your business.

It is not anyone else's job to run and manage your business. Remember it is your business, it is not anyone else's business. Your upline should be there for support and to guide you along the way but they will not be there to build your business. They also have to build their own remember.

This where most people get suckered into scams. They believe the lies. They believe the company or their upline will do everything for them. That is a straight out lie. If anyone will build a business for me, let me know and I will join. It is just not going to happen.

When you join a business you must be prepared to build you business on your own, it is not your upline's job to build your business for you. Your upline is there to support and guide you. If anyone promises to do all the work for, you can assume they are lying to you.

These are just a few of things to look for when looking for a legitimate home based business.

Home Based Business Ideas

There are many home based business ideas out there today. Everyone is looking for home based business ideas they can use to help them make money. While there are many ideas out there. There are only a few ideas which can actually help you earn money online.

Some of the ideas require more work than others but there is no shortcut when it comes to making money online. There is no quick fix. You must understand everything takes time and work to build. Once you understand this you have won half of the battle. I will give you a couple home based business ideas and I will explain what you will also need in order to make these ideas effective to the fullest.

This first idea is for people who are in network marketing or in a MLM company. Most people I know have trouble getting qualified prospects to look at their business. Why is this? Most people have no clue how to market, if they did they would be making the money they have always dreamed about. So this is an easy way anyone can get a few more prospects every week to look at their business.

Ebay is huge and it is a great way to find prospects to join your business. All you have to do is sell an ebook or a special report on Ebay. It has to be something of value.Once you have found or created your ebook, add the links for your business in there. You have to start the bidding low. I start my bidding at one penny. It is great if you are able to make some nice money from your ebook but you must understand this is not your main purpose. Your main purpose is to build more prospects to look at your business.

Even if your ebook sells for a quarter, you still have accomplished your main goal. And your main goal is to drive prospects to you. Now imagine if you have 100 ebooks selling all at one time, every week. I think you should be beginning to see the picture.

Another thing you can do is start a review site. This is pretty simple and straight forward. Join a place like Clickbank and become an affiliate for the many products they offer. Pretty simple right. Simple scan through the products you like and write a review for them on your website.
All you are doing is giving an honest opinion on what you think of each product you are reviewing. Be sure to add your link so you receive the proper credit if anyone decides to buy based off your review. Review sites making a killing online. Many more people are beginning to see the value of review sites.

These are just a few home based business ideas out there. The key is to remember nothing happens overnight, everything takes consistent effort. If you are willing to give it your all, you will be well on your way to making the bucks, others are making online currently.

Earn Money

Earn Money On The Internet - 5 Hot Ideas Today

By Aaron Givens

If you are a person trying to earn money today you have to love the Internet. Consider several years ago, what you would have had to do to earn money away from your full-time job. Although there were alway opportunities they are nothing compared to what the Internet offers today.

In this article we will talk about five ways you can earn money if you work hard and apply yourself on the Internet.

1. Sell stuff on eBay. This is an amazing business that anyone can use a multitude of ways to create income for themselves. I am not talking about selling the junk out of your garage either. If you were to take a couple of days and just log onto eBay and observe what people are doing to earn money you would get so excited you probably wouldn't sleep for a week.

2. A very strong way to earn money on the Internet today is e-mail marketing. You need a list of people to mail to and products to sell them, but you can automate the whole process and do it from the comfort of your own home. Learning list building strategies is the key to making money with e-mail marketing.

3. Create and sell your own products. The best way to do this is to create information products. People go online every day to send e-mail and to research things. If you can find out the questions that they are asking and write reports and answer them you can earn a lot of money selling those reports.

4. Start a home business selling your services. Anything that is being done on the Internet can be done by you for pay. Virtual assistants are becoming in demand, website design is still very popular, setting up blogs for people is a hot business right now, writing website and blog content continues to be a great way to make money on the Internet, and so on we go. Earn money providing a service!

5. Affiliate marketing continues to be a great way for the average person to earn money selling other people's products. You can earn six and seven-figure incomes per year. If you will take the time to learn the affiliate marketing business.

This is five hot ways to earn money on the Internet right now. There are so many ways that we can not begin to list them all. The key is you can do it too no matter what your current situation is.

Aaron Givens invites you to visit his best marketing home biz website today. If you are searching for a way to earn money on the internet you can feel safe and secure in knowing he offers the best opportunities that have passed an extensive screening process. To see his Top Pick please go here now: ===>

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing - A Guide to A Complete Search Engine Marketing Campaign

By Cheow Yu Yuan

Search engine marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your target audience, thus promoting your products or services. As we are now in the recommendation age, people always seek out recommendation through the Internet, either from blogs, forums, social networking sites, or even search engines.

When a person keys in the keyword "computers" in Google, he or she is most likely looking for a trustworthy computer company to buy a computer from. If your company sells computer, you will definitely want your site to "be recommended" by ranking well in either the paid or organic listings.

To have an effective search engine marketing campaign, you need to utilize both the organic and paid listings on search engines. For a company which is just starting out to optimize its site for good organic listings, it should also consider tapping on the immediate exposure made possible from paid listings. As search engine optimization takes a longer time to show results, company should use paid listings to target keywords that are being optimized at the moment. This will enable you to have exposure on search engines for your major keywords, while your optimized keywords take time to show up in the organic listings.

Once your organic results start to show, you can now either stop paid listing completely or continue to use it to diversify your keywords reach. I will recommend the latter. As search engine optimization gives you prominent listings for the major keywords that are related to your core business, you can now draft out a new set of keywords that you can use to target your individual products or services.

For example, if you sell computers and manage to get keywords like "Computers" to rank well organically, you can now draft out more specific keywords like "Computer model XXXX" to be targeted using paid listings. This will ensure that you cast a wider net on search engines, reaching out to more potential customers for your business.

One important thing to take note before you start a search engine marketing campaign is to make sure that you are able to analyze the result and quantify the return on investment. Therefore, analytical tools like Google Analytics is very important in this campaign, as it will help you to understand how your campaign performs.

With the right analytical data in your hands, you will be able to fine tune your campaign, generating better results every time.

Cheow Yu Yuan is the co-founder of, an online marketing and branding agency.

Check out more about Online Marketing and Branding at

This is a very good article on the basics of search engine marketing. I found it very insightful.

Aaron Aldama

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Best Home Based Businesses

Even the best home based businesses cannot help you make money unless you are willing to work. Many people have the wrong idea when it comes to making money online or with a home based business. They believe if they find the best home based businesses, they will not have to do any work. They believe they can join something and then just sit back and watch the cash roll in.

They believe they will get rich overnight and with very little truth. This is the reason so many people are not making money online or with their business. They believe they can get something for nothing. This is completely false and a complete lie.

Any company who promises to build your business for you is lying to you. No company will build your business for you. It just does not happen. There is no such thing as something for nothing. Everything you do in life requires work and lots of it. There is no such thing as the quick fix. Once you realize this you will have put yourself in great position to become successful.

Many people never realize this and they end up jumping ship from company to company always looking for that quick fix, that will solve all of their problems. They are looking for that business that will make them rich while they watch football or Dancing With The Stars.

Well I am here to tell you it does not exist. To be completely honest with you, you are better off not spending your money to build a business. If you are looking for get rich quick and something for nothing schemes.

Anyone who has made a lot of money with their business will tell you it took work and dedication. I can guarantee they have worked their behinds off to get to where they are at. It was not something that happened overnight. They worked their business daily until one day they became successful. They worked and worked some more until they were finally able to accomplish their goals.

The good news is if you can get this get rich mentality out of your system and really focus on building your biz. You can and you will become very wealthy. It is a proven fact for any business owner. Once they truly focus on building their biz, they begin to achieve what they want. Sitting back on the sofa and not working will not get you any closer to becoming wealthy but working your biz daily will help you become wealthy.

Looking for the best home based businesses will not help you out any, if you are too lazy to actually work your biz. No one will build your biz for you, it must be done by you and for you. This is the only way to succeed with a home business. There is no other way.

Like I said before if you are not willing to work your business daily, then you are better off using your money for something else. But if you are truly dedicated and determined to building a successful home business, the rewards will be more than you ever dreamed of.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Home Based Business Opportunities

There are plenty of home based business opportunities available on the Internet today. The tough thing is finding out which home based business opportunities are scams and which ones can actually help you make some serious money. The perception many people have about making money online is completely wrong. Many people think it is something that just happens overnight. It is not, making money online is something that requires work and lots of it. Many so called guru's will promise you the world. With things like you can make money overnight and other BS.

This is not true at all. It is very possible to make lots of money with home based business opportunities but it does take work. It is not something that just happens overnight with little or no effort or work at all. Most of these guru's just tell you what you want to hear to get your money. That is their little secret. They have no real intentions of really helping you out at all.
This is what makes it hard to find a business that is legit. With everyone promising the world to everyone, it can make it really difficult for the average person looking to make money online. I can understand why so many people are so confused about which home based business to go with. It makes complete sense.

These scam artists also give a bad name to the legit home based business opportunities out there. Most people have a bad perception about home based businesses because of all of the scam artists out there. They have given a very bad name to this industry, which completely ruins it for the really good home businesses.

As someone looking for legit companies to help you make money there are a couple of things you can look for before signing up for anything. First you need to do your homework. Type the person's name into Google see what they have done. See their rep. Everyone has a rep online, you can see what people think of them. This is a great and easy way to find out more info about a person or a company.

Next you can see what type of training they offer. See if the training can really help you. The training is what will make you successful or unsuccessful, it is the training that counts. If you learn how to market online you can truly make a lot of money. Most people fail because they have no training on Internet marketing.

When you join a home based business, it does take some skill to make money online. It is not something anyone with no knowledge can just wake up and do. There is a slight learning curve involved. So you will have to learn how to make money online. The good news is once you have the knowledge in your head, you can use it again and again to make money online. Once you truly learn how to market online you can use the knowledge to build any home based business opportunities you want.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Home Based Businesses

When starting your home based businesses, you must do everything necessary to ensure your success. Many people think all they have to do is join some business and the checks will come rolling in. This is not going to happen. Many people trying to sell you on their opportunity will not tell you that it takes work and daily effort to make your business grow and to succeed. It is not something that will just happen overnight. The major problem I see is most people looking to join a business opportunity have no effective means to market their product or service. Many people join something and quit do to a lack of no results. Many people do not understand you must have huge numbers viewing your product or service in order to make any sales.

Having one or two people take a look at your product or service will not cut it. You will need to generate huge traffic to get sales. It is all a numbers game, period. If you fail to miss this point you will not succeed. You will not succeed showing your product to 1 or 2, or even 10 people a week. You must go through big numbers every week. If you are able to do that, you will succeed just based on the law of averages. This is a main point you will need to remember in order to make your home based businesses successful.

This is where you joining a company is so important. If you are a savvy marketer it really does not matter what business you join. But if you are like most of us first starting out with our first home based business, your training will be vital. Think about it regardless of whatever it is you want to do in life, you will have to have some form of basic training. In the military you go through boot camp. To become a doctor you go through years of  specialized training. For some reason people tend to think home based businesses are different. They are not, you will need to learn the basics of building and marketing a business.

Many companies do a poor job of mentoring new distributors. Many companies just take your money and run. Leaving you to fend for yourself. Other companies will give you useless business tactics like posting to free classified ads to promote your business. This is where I think most companies fail fundamentally by not taking care of their reps. It is not the companies job to build your business for you, but it is their job to give you adequate training so you have a chance to succeed with your business.

For those of you who have never succeeded with a home business or who have no clue how to get hundreds of interested prospects looking at your product or service every week. You must find a company that offers great training and mentoring because once you learn how to properly run and market a business. The sky will be the limit for you.

Home Based Businesses

Many home based businesses are designed for you just to lose your money. They may advertise with get rich quick ads or something for nothing ads. There is no such thing as get rich quick and there is no such thing as something for nothing. Many home based businesses use this type of advertising to take advantage of your greed. And many people do end up falling for this type of advertising. One thing to remember is it will take work to build any business, just because it is a home based business does not mean it is something that will happen overnight. Or does not mean it is something that will work without you having to work. A business is a business, period. And all businesses require work. The only difference with a home based business is the startup is normally only a couple of thousand of dollars, where other businesses can start at $30,000 dollars just for your initial investment.

There are some solid home based businesses out there. You will have to do your due diligence to find them. Here is a common problem mostly all people looking for a home based business to start will face. Most people do not have any clue how to get qualified customers to look at whatever business, service, or product they may be offering. Many companies will tell you to make a list of your warm market and then to setup a three way call with your sponsor. This is bogus. It does not work, what normally happens is you end up getting ripped by the people you have on your warm market list. In order to build a successful business you have to hit huge numbers, not make a list of 100 people in your warm market. Many of these companies know this but they are too concerned with just taking your money.

Or another common way some companies operate is they charge you for everything. For example you have to pay an entrance fee to join. Then if you want to attend training and meetings they charge more money each time so they can cover their expenses. Or they may try to sell you their own pre qualified leads. Then they just keep selling you more of their products and this is how the top sponsors are really making their money. Many people miss this fact completely. Many of the top sponsors make their money off of your efforts. First they tell you buy this product then that product from the company. And they just continue to up sell you on new products. Or they may charge you to attend meetings or conference calls. Any sponsor who charges his downline to attend a conference call or meeting is a scam artist.

What you really must look at before you join home business, is not how much money you think you will make. But you must look at how effective their business training is. Especially if you have no prior experience in building and marketing a business. The training is what matters most. If you have solid training it will allow you to grow as a business owner and you will succeed.

Home Based Businesses

It takes discipline to build a home based business or a few home based businesses. Many people lack the self discipline needed to build a successful home business.  This is something you cannot get around. You will need discipline in order to build and maintain a successful business. Self discipline is something you cannot teach, it must come from within. If you do not have self discipline it well become very hard to build a business. This pretty much goes for anything you want to accomplish in life, it takes discipline to achieve your goal. Having discipline is just one of the key elements you will need to build your company. There are others like desire, motivation, and will power. We will just cover self discipline today.

Why will you need self discipline when building your company? Simple running your own business is not like having a job, it is completely different. With a job you have to get up and go to work or you can get fired. With a business no one will force you to get up and work on your business. It must come from within you have to want to do it. If you decide to sleep or watch TV instead of work on your business, you will not have anyone over your head getting mad at you. At your job you have a supervisor watching over you and making sure you are getting the job done. With a home based business you will not have any supervisor watching over your every move. It will be entirely up to you to get work done.

Building your business will fall entirely up to you. If you oversleep instead of getting some work done for your business there will be no one you have to answer to except yourself. People who lack self discipline will find it extremely difficult to build a business. The question becomes "how bad do you really want to have a successful home business"? If you truly want to have a successful business you will find ways to make your business work and you will find time to make your business work. If you truly do not want it, it will show through your actions.

Many people love the idea of having their own business, but they are not willing to put in the time and effort needed to succeed. No matter what any company promises you it will take work and daily effort to build your business. Many companies promise you such things like, make 10,000 a month working only ten minutes a day. Ads like this are bogus. It is not true, it will take more than 10 minutes a day to build a successful business.

Building a business is not a cake walk. It is not something that happens overnight. It is something that you will have to work on daily. There will be ups and downs but as long as you are willing to put in the work, you can make a very nice living off of building a business.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Home Based Businesses

Building a home business can be tough. Building multiple home based businesses may seem like an impossible task to some people but it is not. Everyone really wants to know what it takes to build a successful business. You may not like the answer but it is the truth. What drives successful business people to excel and succeed? Where millions of others have failed. The answer is desire. The reason why some people succeed where others fail, is because they have a burning desire. This desire drives them towards the top. Desire is the starting point of all success. If you have no desire you will not get anywhere. Lack of desire is a major cause of failure. You must have that burning passion to succeed. If not you will not get anywhere and you will not succeed building a home based business.

You see your desire will drive you to succeed even when you feel like quitting. It all starts from your level of desire. In order for you to succeed it must become an obsession. Your desire will drive you to succeed in your moments of weakness. This is the key ingredient. Any person who has succeeded in any undertaking knows full well they were completely consumed by it. The level of your desire will determine the level of your success. Many people take the path of least resistance when it comes to anything. Let's take losing weight for example. Mostly everyone wants to shed some weight. But very few take the action to actually lose the weight. Many people say I will wake up an hour earlier to go jogging in the morning. Then when the alarm clock hits they turn it off and go back to bed. The few who actually do get out of bed and go jogging are actually the ones who have a strong desire to succeed.

The same goes for business, everyone wants to have a successful business but very few actually put in the work or the time to build a successful business. Many people would rather procrastinate and relax than have to put in the extra effort to succeed. Everyone has 24 hours in day, how you make use of the time is entirely up to. Many people complain that they do not have the time to build a successful business. The truth is they do not have the desire or will power to build a successful business. If you really want to have a successful business and become wealthy there is nothing that should or would get in your way.

If you want to succeed you must burn all your bridges and go after what it is you want. You must go all or nothing. You must be motivated about what you are doing and what it is you are trying to accomplish. This is the only way you can succeed. You cannot go into anything half way you will not make it. Your level of desire will determine the level of success you have with your home based businesses.