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Are You Tracking Your Advertising Results For Your Home Business?

Are you tracking your advertising results for your home business? Many home business owners are not tracking their advertising efforts at all. Many home business owners have no clue how to track their advertising efforts. Now as a home business owner why should you be tracking your advertising? Simple you need to know what is working and what is not working. As a home business owner tracking your advertising is essential. Many home business owners pay for ads normally in a classified ad site like Craigslist and have no clue how many hits or views they are getting from their ad. This is not smart business at all , in fact this is a terrible way to do business. As a home business owner you need to track everything and I mean everything. From your websites, blogs, blog posts, forum posts, articles, emails, and pretty much anything else you are doing to advertise your product or home business. There are many ways to track the advertising you do for your home business.

There are many different programs out there which will track your advertising efforts out there for you. The costs may vary depending on the program you are looking at. The costs can start from 20 bucks a month and run as high as a couple of hundred a month. It just really depends what you need to track your home business advertising efforts.

Now you maybe wondering why most home business owners are not tracking their advertising results. The simple reason is most home business owners have no clue how to market to begin with. Think about it. If you are paying 25 dollars to Craigslist to post an ad for your home business. wouldn't you want to know how many views your ad is getting and how many clicks your ad is getting? It is just
common sense. You need to know what is working and what is not working. Then once you figure out what is working you build on that and then you can stop advertising in places that are not working for you and your home business. This is called smart marketing. Most home business owners throw their time and effort into any advertising ploy they may see and hope it goes well. Well most of the time it doesn't.

See tracking your advertising gives you a huge advantage over your competition. Like I said most home business owners are not tracking their advertising. And if you are one of the few who are actually tracking your advertising you will know when something is actually helping your business grow and when it is not. You will also know what places are great to advertise your home business in and which places are not so great to advertise your home business in.

To put it simply you should not be advertising online or any where unless you are tracking it and seeing how well it is doing or it is not doing. It just makes complete sense from a business standpoint to know where every penny of your advertising budget is going and if it is working or not working for you and your home business.
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Still Using Classified Ads To Build Your Home Business

Are you still using classified ads to try and build your home business . Well I'd hate to break it to you but classified ads do not work when trying to build your home business . Well you may be thinking why do classified ads not work when trying to build a home business ? In this article we will go over why they do not work and what other techniques you can use in order to be effective. Classified ads may work for selling cars and even some products but they sure do not work when trying to build your home business .

Posting your home business on classified ad sites is a waste of time. Why? Everyone is posting their ads on these types of sites. The truth is most home business owners do not know how to market their product so they do the most convenient thing and that is post on classified ad sites. Hoping and praying someone will buy. They may get a few inquires but nothing substantial.What is going to separate your home business from the other thousands and thousands of home business opportunities posted on these sites? Nothing. Most of the people who go through these sites are looking under the home business section, are looking for two reasons and they are not looking to buy what you have to offer. The two reasons are, one they are about to post their own ad and two they are looking to reverse market you and sell you their own product. You do not have people actually interested in starting a home business looking through these ads. So it makes no sense at all to post there. Yes you may get one or two sales maybe but it is not worth your time or money. There are far better solutions than posting in the classified ads .

The best way to market your home business is through gaining the top spots for keywords in Google, Yahoo, and MSN. This is probably the best bet hands down. It does take work to make this happen. Next you could also use article marketing, which is a really great way to gain exposure for yourself and your home business . with article marketing you will have to write and submit your articles to article directories on a consistent basis. Writing one or two articles a month will not get you the results you are looking for.

Now if you have the money to spend on your advertising. PPC is a great way to build your home business granted you know or you have someone who knows what they are doing. With PPC you must know what you are doing or else your money will be going down the drain. You must know which keywords are returning the most results and then focus on those keywords. You must also know which keywords are not performing for you. I see many people choose irrelevant keywords and they keep spending money on those keywords with no results. When it comes to PPC advertising you must have a good size monthly budget. You can start with 500 dollars a month but in order to be truly effective a monthly budget of 3,000 dollars a month is much more suitable. And with PPC you must closely monitor your stats to make sure your money on your home business is being spent properly.

These are just a few of the ways to advertise besides using classified ads . These other methods of advertising are much more effective than using classified ads to build your home business .
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Money Talks-Fun and Easy Home Businesses to Make Money Fast - Both Online and Offline

Money Talks-Fun and Easy Home Businesses to Make Money Fast - Both Online and Offline

Who wants to make money by the boatloads, while working less? If that sounds like you, perhaps it is time to consider a few fun and easy home businesses to make money fast - both online and offline.
Often, small business or home business owners find themselves slaving in an office. It is just like the old job they used to have - only worse. This time, they are on their own, with no steady paycheck in sight.
What we need is a home based business that brings in more money than a job - while giving us more free time. One way of doing this is to get away from products that require suppliers, storage, insurance, and shipping.
Stay tuned, now, while we look at some great home based businesses that fit the bill. You may be surprised at what they are.

School Placement Consultant - In this business, you deal with private schools and with parents. You are paid by parents. Parents want their children to attend a distinguished private school that has a high percentage of graduates who go on to an ivy league school. The ultimate goal is a good education and job. You should have a profile of both the school and the prospective student. Try to furnish the parents 3 or 4 school choices.

Personal Assistant - This is another high-profit home based business that can give you a lot of pleasure. You can easily make a 6-figure income with just 2 to 3 clients. As a personal assistant, you take care of your clients' business. You pay bills, keep the books, set appointments, send in quarterly taxes, and organize files. Your job may include contacting your client's attorney, CPA, attorney, and doctor. Usually, you work 3 to 4 hours a day for about 3 days a week.

Image Consultant - An image consultant helps clients reach their goal of appearing their all time best. They may want to shine like a movie star, dress like a model, or just look dangerously attractive. Some clients are competing for a high-paying job and need that "corporate look." Others may be in public speaking and need to brush up their appearance, their poise, and their speech. Many are foreign business people who need to feel "at home" in the American corporate culture.

Wealth Coach - Wealth coaches are in demand these days. The idea is to help clients build wealth by getting out of debt. A wealth coach listens carefully to the client's goals and works together with him or her on a practical written plan. The coach usually has a long-term commitment with the client and a contract. The client is urged to save or invest more while at the same time, spending less. A common goal for the client is to improve his or her credit score. This enables the client to buy a home instead of renting and to buy a car rather than leasing one.

In these home based businesses, you can work with clients online, in person, or by telephone and mail. They are great businesses if you want fun and easy home businesses to make money fast - both online and offline. Do your best and take time to be joyful every day.

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Money Talks-How To Build A Website That Makes Money

Money Talks-How To Build A Website That Makes Money

As little as one decade ago an ecommerce site was the domain oftechno wiz's and coding geniuses. Today the Internet businessworld is not limited to the technically gifted and motivated.Anyone can build an ecommerce business due to the advent ofWYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors, web buildingwizards, open source blog and web site platforms, as well asplatform like Ebay, Amazon, etc.

A person can build a viable web business without everunderstanding how to configure a Mysql database or coding inHTML or PHP. A strong computer background or time needed tolearn, is all the skills needed to get started.

Static pages are like digital paper. They do not change. Theyend in .htm, and remain the same until the owner changes thecontent on them. A content management system can be as simple as awww.blogger. com or Wordpress blog. Or, it can be a complex $10000 platform that is powerful enough to run 100 000 pages ofcontent. The objective is to create something for the searchengines to send their robots to for ranking and trafficgenerating. The content should be designed to create demand, solveproblems, and offer solutions. The secondary purpose is tooptimize the website increasing the traffic and profit.

What Are You Selling The Internet does not require a tangible product for sale.There are dozens of things to sell which are not tangibleincluding downloads, education, affiliate and advertising,pre-selling, or social/ entertainment. Creating a site wherepeople can come and share their love for a hobby, venture,belief, or view, can provide a good opportunity for a savvybusiness owner. It is possible to sell entertainment. It is possible to sell`meeting people.' Many Internet businesses have grown tounbelievable levels of success doing just this. Some examplesare youtube.com, facebook.com, myspace.com and more. The first step to building a website is not designing the site.It is deciding what is being sold. Why will people come to thewebsite? What will attract them? What will make visitors stay atthe site? Understanding what is for sale will help the business ownerpre-sell the product without continually telling people to buysomething. In fact, the most profitable sites are those that donot try to sell anything.

Monetize the Website The term monetize the website means to create a website thatdoesn't sell anything. Its sole purpose is to pre sell a productand make money by driving people to websites that do sellsomething. This is a popular method of income generation as itlets Internet businesses to create multiple streams of incomeand diversify without needing to invest money into products,merchant accounts, and warehousing or drop shipping.

Shopping Carts Once the website owner decides what to sell, they need todetermine what type of platform. Many new companies stick withpaypal.com an ebay company. Other people do not try to do ittheir own. Instead they take their time and explore theiroptions.

One way is to use prostores.com, ebay.com, or amazon.com tosell their products.

Stay Up To Date Being behind the times is a quick way to go out of business.Ecommerce companies need to stay up to day. That e-book shouldbe changed into a home study or an e-course. The download shouldbecome a video or audio file. The free blog – a personalizedwebsite. The internet world is evolving. As fast as users becomefamiliar with one form of Internet tool or feature, another isquickly increasing to take its place. The key to success is remaining educated, reading everythingyou can, and staying up to date with the web and all the toolsit has. What makes money? Something new.

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