Friday, December 21, 2007

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing can take your business from failure to success. Many business owners leave out search engine marketing since they have no clue what it is or how to achieve desirable results with search engine marketing. Instead they turn to methods such as posting to free classified ad sites. For example Craigslist. Posting on free classified ad sites will not bring your business the sales it and you need to survive. Posting on free classified ad sites will get you a small drop of potential customers if you are lucky or have great ad copy. Most business owners have neither. Many business owners do not realize the power of search engine marketing. Instead they place ads online and offline in classified ads. I will go into detail why search engine marketing hands down beats anyother type of marketing available offline and online. And I will also show you why search engine marketing beats posting in classified ads without a doubt.

First what is search engine marketing? Search engine marketing is marketing your website on search engines like Google and Yahoo. There are alot of search engines you can add your website to but the search engines which receive the most traffic are Google, Yahoo, and MSN. So those are the ones you should be most concerned about. Now there are two ways to market your websites on search engines. One is through organic listings and the other is Pay Per Click. Both are effective if you know or have someone who knows what they are doing. If not you will get nowhere and both can end up costing you lots of money.

Let's discuss search engines. Search engines consist of keywords, some keywords have more traffic than others. For example let's say you wanted to buy a dog, so you go to Google and type in the keyword "buy a dog". A list of dog businesses would pop up where you could purchase your dog from. Now let's go over how this can help out your business. Let's say you are in the plumbing business. Imagine what would happen if everytime someone typed in the keywords "plumbers or plumbing" and your site showed up. How much more business would your plumbing business get? A lot more. And remember these are all interested clients getting ahold of you.

So how does search engine marketing beat posting in classified ads, like Craigslist. First off with posting on free classified ads you must continually post your ads. Yes you may have a targeted audience but a majority of your competition will also be using free classified ads to advertise in. And what is going to separate your business from your competitions business? Nothing.

Here is the bottom line if you are not taking full advantage of search engine marketing you are missing the boat. There are a lot of potential customers you are missing by not using search engine marketing . One last thing to consider if you are going to hire an SEO company be sure to do your due diligence on the SEO company because there are many SEO companies who have no clue about search engine marketing.
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Internet Marketing Strategy

The reason most people fail to make money online is because they have no internet marketing strategy. Or maybe they do have an internet marketing strategy in place but it is a strategy which does not work or is inefficient. Many people would achieve success online if they had a halfway decent internet marketing strategy in place. Some people farm the work out to marketing companies who also have no clue on how to market online. There are a few great internet marketing companies out there but their are so few of them. In order to have business success online you must have an internet marketing strategy in place and it must be an efficient interent marketing strategy. If it is an inefficient internet marketing strategy you will just be chasing your tail.

In order to create a halfway decent internet marketing strategy you must know what you are selling. And I mean you must really know what you are selling. You need to know how it benefits your potential customers. You need to know why they should buy your product and not your competitor's product. You need to really get to know your product. This is where a majority of people go wrong. They have no clue as to what product or service they are selling. Next you must have confidence your product or service can deliver what you are claiming it can deliver. If you do not have confidence in your product neither will your potential customers, thus equaling no sales. Next you need to find your target customer base. For instance you would not try to sell dog food to cat owners or sell cat food to dog owners. You might get a few sales but your overall marketing campaign would most likely be a waste.

After you figure out who your target customer base is you must figure out how to get your message across and out to them. Before we get into methods of marketing your product or service to your customer base, you need to be sure you have listed the benefits your product offers your potential customers. Many would be marketers do not focus enough on the benefits and our missing out bigtime by missing this step. Ok what you will need first is a website, you can also use an affiliate site if you have one. What you will need whether you have an affiliate site or personal website is an opt in form. An opt in form is where internet users can sign up to receive more additional info about your product or service through emails and regular mail. It takes the average consumer 7 views of a certain product before they buy. Be sure to include their mailing address, as mailing flyers and letters is a powerful form of offline marketing.

Now that you have your site up and running you need to drive traffic to it. You can drive traffic to your site through basic SEO techniques, PPC advertising, writing articles, writing press releases and posting in forums. This is a basic internet marketing strategy as you become more advanced in your marketing efforts you will learn other methods.
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Internet Marketing Services

There are very few internet marketing services worth while out there today. Many internet marketing services are just scams pure and simple. Many of these internet marketing services make promises they cannot and will not deliver on. Many people have lost a ton of money on these internet marketing services. Some of these internet marketing services include things like "We will send 1 million targeted hits to your website for 2999.95". Most of these internet marketing services are bogus. Many good and hardworking people are trying to make a living online and these sham internet marketing services take full advantage of that. Fully knowing they cannot deliver what they promise. As a business owner, affiliate marketer, or whatever you should be aware of these types of companies. You do not need your hard earned money going down the drain and making someone else rich. In order to know what is true and what is false you must become an educated Internet marketing professional.

Many of these so called internet marketing services would like to keep you uninformed and misinformed. Why? Because then they can lie and lead you along a dead end road until your bank account and entrepreneurial spirit are broke. The people running these internet marketing services are some of the lowest and unethical people I have ever come across. First off the Internet was supposed to be a place of education, these so called internet marketing services have sold out just to make a quick buck. Now there are some really great internet marketing services out there but they get a bad name because of the less worthy ones. Which really sucks for the solid internet marketing services.

I am assuming you are a business owner looking for an Internet marketing company to market your product or service online. Or maybe you are a home business owner trying to build a home business. Either way it doesn't matter you still need to know the true from the false. Unless of course, you enjoy giving your hard earned money away and if that is the case make the check out to Aaron Aldama. As a business owner or home business owner you must make it a point to become informed on Internet marketing. If you do not these scam artists who run these sham internet marketing services will take your money. For example let's take a look at these internet marketing services who promise you 1 million hits to your website. First off that is not even realistic but let's not even get into that. Let's get into where this so called traffic is coming from. Are these going to be 1 million unique hits? Meaning 1 million individual people or IP addresses will visit your website. Now that is completely bogus but let's go through it. Okay how will you as a business owner know where these hits are coming from, yes you can track the hits. But how will you know these are quality people actually visiting your site. You will not. There goes 300 to 2,000 dollars down the drain right there. The whole key when looking for internet marketing services is for you to become educated, so you can spot the legit internet marketing services from the scams.


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Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction

There have been quiet a few books written on the Law ofAttraction. You may have already read some of them yourself theinformation about the Law of Attraction is powerful. The Oprahshow and Larry King live talked about the Law of Attraction. JoeVitale has written his famous book the "Attractor Factor",Michael J. Losier has written the book "Law of Attraction " tomention just 2 of the many books written on it. Countless people have already been able to make big changes intheir lives. With the rising healthcare costs and the increasing prices inmedicines many people looking for alternative healthcare.

Watching the "Secret" and learning about the Law of Attraction has helped already many people to improve their health. Ourbodies are made to heal themselves. Determination and will powerwill help us to use the power of the Law of Attraction and keepvibrant health. Of course that sound easy but it is still somework involved. First of all we have to believe that it ispossible. If we think that we cannot change certain healthconditions then they probably will not change. On the other handif we have a strong will and are convinced that we can get well,this may be possible. There are many cases of persons who havebeen cured from dreadful deceases without a possibleexplanation. The Secret DVD even introduced 2 people who aretelling their extra ordinary story of healing when using thepower of the Law of Attraction.

You can take the first steps to help yourself and to improveyour health. You can have a healthy body way up into old age. Ofcourse you want to do as far as it is up to you to live ahealthy lifestyle. Here is how you can get started today to use the power of theuniverse to improve your health:

1. Find some more information about the Law of Attraction. Youcan do this going to a local book store, checking out books fromthe library, or going online while drinking a cup of coffee.

2. We are vibrational beings and the Law of Attraction respondsto our vibrations with exact matches there are no exceptions. So what we feel andwhat we think makes all the difference. It is not what we saybut it is what we feel that affects our vibrations and the Law of Attraction simply responds to this. To get well we need tofeel well. How can we change our feelings? By reprogramming ourthoughts! Start to meditate every day for at least about 10minutes. This helps you to relax your mind and body! It enables you to listen to yourinner being and become one with your inner self. It will helpyou to connect things together mentally and emotionally. Now youcan begin your healing process.

3. When using the Law of Attraction the way you intend, you canstart saying affirmations that are in harmony with good health andhappiness. You could say for example " I am a happy person and Ilove my healthy and strong body". When saying your affirmationsput your feelings and emotions into it! Try to feel how it feelsto be strong and healthy. Of course it may be difficult atfirst. Feeling healthy when you are not may be challenging. Itis however a process that will get you to experience a healthieryou. You will not experience drastic changes overnight but if youpay attention to yourself you will notice a difference soonafter you start your healing program using the Law ofAttraction. You can say these affirmations daily or throughoutthe day. Determination to get well will help you along the way. You can also read books of success stories of people whoovercame sever health conditions. Your body will respond to thisand you will see at least an improvement if not total recovery.This is a wonderful method which has been proven affective formany people who have used the Law of Attraction to overcometheir health problems. Try it for yourself! To find moreinformation check out this link:

About The Author: Laura B. Young is a licensed Marriage andFamily Therapist. For more information please visithttp://www.lifereso%20urcecenter.%20net/