Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Your Money Talks And It's Not Saying Something For Nothing

Your money talks and well there is no such thing as getting something for nothing. Most people try to get something for nothing and it ends up costing them in the end. Money talks and it has a language of it's own, which is why some people never seem to have money. Money gravitates towards people who become success conscious. One of the first steps in attracting moneyis to stop trying to get something for nothing.

When your money talks it is talking about building wealth, most people don't listen. Look at a majorityof people they gamble, play the lotto, and play raffles in hopes of getting something for nothing. I have nothing against these games they are fun but for many people this is their main way of trying to create and build wealth for themselves.You must learn the language your money talks.

Building true wealth is about building assets which provide a source of income for you. Your money should be usedto create wealth for yourself. Instead of buying the latest hottest car why not invest your money into an apartment complex or a piece of land which will pay you dividends for years to come. If you were to buy that new car it would not create any value for you. Which is why most people are poor. Have you ever heard anyone say oh that person drives a BMW and owns a nice house so they must be rich. That is the biggest misconception there is. Your liabilities do you not make you rich, itis your assets( items which you earn income off of) which make you rich. Money talks you just have to learn the language of moneyand you are well are your way to becoming rich. If you listen and learn the language of money you will see how hard your money can work for you.

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Money Talks, Why?

Money Talks for a few simple reasons and I will go over all of them. First off what is money? Money is a form of currency used in exchange for something. Now the form of currency can be anything before they used wheat and food as a form of currency. So it is important to remember currency can change depending on the times. The current currency we are talking about is money and believe me money talks .

Think about everything you do daily, most likely you will need money. Now money talks only to those who truly listen to it. Most people make some money and spend it on liabilities like rims, clothes, dogs, and other things which take money out of your pocket and into someone else's pocket. Think about it while you are working hard at your 9 to 5, some business owner is enjoying the fruits of your labor. I bet his money talks. His dollar is working for him and that is what money talks is all about. Making your money work for you instead of you working for your dollar.

Everyone knows their money talks but each person's money has a different cycle. Some people get their paycheck and spend it on useless items. Their money talks but what do you think their money is saying? That person is a slave to their money. Now another person making the same amount of money invests their money into building assets for themselves. Now their Money Talks as well but their money is saying something completely different. Instead of that person having to work for their money, their money is working for them. Money talks but what is your money saying to you? Hopefully your money is saying a good thing to you. Your money can either work for you or against. It is your choice how you spend your money will decide how your money talks.

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Passport To Wealth

What is your passport to wealth ? Everyone is blessed with gifts. Some people are great artists, great ball players, and others great musicians. The key to creating wealth is finding your talents both hidden and others not hidden. Which is why making money is so simple when you look at it in those terms. For instance let's look at a baseball player like Alex Rodriguez. His gift in life is the ability to play baseball. Would it make sense for Alex Rodriguez to start golfing? No way! Just like it would make no sense for Tiger Woods or Dale Earnhardt Jr. to start playing baseball. Or take for example Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players of all time. When he tried his luck at baseball he failed miserably, why? His talent was not to be a baseball player but to be a basketball player.

The next step to your passport to wealth, after you find your talent, is to practice. This is the reason most people are just average and do not create a life of abundance for themselves, they do not practice. Every professional I know of, it doesn't matter whether we are talking about sports or business, practices all the time. What you do in with your spare time counts. Instead of watching Dancing With The Stars you should be building your wealth. Make the most of your time. Most people just see the end result and do not see all the work, effort and heartbreaking struggles the pros go through. The key is repetition. Also do not be afraid of making mistakes, just learn from your mistakes.

Another key to your passport to wealth is finding successful people to learn from. This may sound harsh but ditch your loser friends and hang around successful proven winners. You become who you hang around with. Let's say you begin to hang around a friend who whines all the time about how unfair the world is to him, I guarantee within a few weeks you will be doing the same thing. But the same goes if you begin to hang around a successful business person. So find great people to learn from.

So overall your main passport to wealth is yourself. What habits do you have? How do you feel about yourself? Do you feel you deserve to be wealthy? Are you the type who gets things done or makes excuse after excuse? So instead of looking everywhere on the Internet for your passport to wealth, just look in the mirror.

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