Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Money Talks, Why?

Money Talks for a few simple reasons and I will go over all of them. First off what is money? Money is a form of currency used in exchange for something. Now the form of currency can be anything before they used wheat and food as a form of currency. So it is important to remember currency can change depending on the times. The current currency we are talking about is money and believe me money talks .

Think about everything you do daily, most likely you will need money. Now money talks only to those who truly listen to it. Most people make some money and spend it on liabilities like rims, clothes, dogs, and other things which take money out of your pocket and into someone else's pocket. Think about it while you are working hard at your 9 to 5, some business owner is enjoying the fruits of your labor. I bet his money talks. His dollar is working for him and that is what money talks is all about. Making your money work for you instead of you working for your dollar.

Everyone knows their money talks but each person's money has a different cycle. Some people get their paycheck and spend it on useless items. Their money talks but what do you think their money is saying? That person is a slave to their money. Now another person making the same amount of money invests their money into building assets for themselves. Now their Money Talks as well but their money is saying something completely different. Instead of that person having to work for their money, their money is working for them. Money talks but what is your money saying to you? Hopefully your money is saying a good thing to you. Your money can either work for you or against. It is your choice how you spend your money will decide how your money talks.

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