Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Your Money Talks And It's Not Saying Something For Nothing

Your money talks and well there is no such thing as getting something for nothing. Most people try to get something for nothing and it ends up costing them in the end. Money talks and it has a language of it's own, which is why some people never seem to have money. Money gravitates towards people who become success conscious. One of the first steps in attracting moneyis to stop trying to get something for nothing.

When your money talks it is talking about building wealth, most people don't listen. Look at a majorityof people they gamble, play the lotto, and play raffles in hopes of getting something for nothing. I have nothing against these games they are fun but for many people this is their main way of trying to create and build wealth for themselves.You must learn the language your money talks.

Building true wealth is about building assets which provide a source of income for you. Your money should be usedto create wealth for yourself. Instead of buying the latest hottest car why not invest your money into an apartment complex or a piece of land which will pay you dividends for years to come. If you were to buy that new car it would not create any value for you. Which is why most people are poor. Have you ever heard anyone say oh that person drives a BMW and owns a nice house so they must be rich. That is the biggest misconception there is. Your liabilities do you not make you rich, itis your assets( items which you earn income off of) which make you rich. Money talks you just have to learn the language of moneyand you are well are your way to becoming rich. If you listen and learn the language of money you will see how hard your money can work for you.

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