Friday, November 9, 2007

Money Talks- Craigslist

Today at Money Talks we will go over using Craigslist. Craigslist is a very interesting place. Many people have different opinions on using Craigslist. I believe Craigslist can be effective depending on how you use it. First off through my own testing I have found posting on Craigslist to be more effective than using traffic exchanges but this is only my testing. Other people may of had different results from the results in which I had. So Craigslist does get a ton of hits daily that is for sure. Now how do we take advantage of posting on Craigslist.

The answer is simple you have to post and post consistently on Craigslist to have results. Posting 1 post per day will not cut it. Your ad has to be seen, and if it is not seen then you will not get any results. Posting on Craigslist should not be the only way you advertise your business or service. Posting on Craigslist should only be a small part of your marketing plan. Zipbz offers great classes on posting on Craigslist effectively. That's it from Money Talks.

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Money Talks-Pictures Of Cats

OK today at Money Talks I'm going to give out a little business tip. Pictures of Cats, yup, pictures of cats... If you are looking for a niche home based business start selling pictures of cats. This is a hugely untapped gold mine. There is virtually no competition and people are buying pictures of cats for some reason. I've been looking at this niche for over a year.

Now you maybe wondering where you are going to get pictures of cats. Well OK let's get creative, first find a photographer or an artist. Then work out some kind of arrangement, like maybe they get 75% of everything that is sold. Or you could allow all types of photographers and artists to display their work on your site and they just have to pay a monthly fee and a fee every time one of their creations sell. Next you just have to setup a website with the keywords pictures of cats in it. And start internet marketing for your site. If you do not know how to internet market take a look at Zipbz for live internet marketing and business courses. The key to this whole niche is pictures of cats. We at Money Talks hope some of you take advantage of this huge niche before we do, lol...

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Money Talks-Myspace Surveys

Today at Money Talks we will cover how to use Myspace Surveys effectively to build your business. Myspace is huge and Myspace surveys are a key component. You can use Myspace surveys as a key component in your marketing effort. The great things about Myspace surveys are this 1. everyone is using Myspace 2. Myspace surveys can become very viral when Myspace members pass on your Myspace Surveys to their friends.

So what do you need to do to setup your Myspace surveys. Simple open up a Myspace account and add friends. When you have enough friends start sending out bulletins with your Myspace surveys. People love to answer questions on Myspace. So all you have to do is create interesting Myspace surveys. Put your links at the bottom of whatever business you are or service you are offering. You should at least send out 1 survey per week. Now this really becomes viral when your Myspace surveys start getting posted on people's Myspace home page. Until next time from Money Talks.

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Money Talks-PPC Advertising

So today at Money Talks we will go over PPC Advertising. So for those of you not familiar with PPC advertising. PPC Advertising stands for pay per click advertising. So what exactly is PPC advertising? PPC advertising is basically where you pay for a given keyword and when someone clicks on your ad regardless of if they buy or not you get charged. Now the price of the click depends on the keyword. If you are shooting after a highly competitive keyword in order to get results you can spend anyone from 10,000 a month and up.

I am not the biggest fan of PPC advertising for a couple simple reasons. First their is PPC fraud where people just click on your links for the hell of it. Next in order to get the really good keywords you can end up spending an arm and a leg just to compete with the larger Fortune 500 companies. An effective solution to this is to learn how to market on the internet without using PPC advertising. Zipbz offers very good live trainings on how to market online and off line. Money Talks will give more info in another blog.

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Money Talks-Best Home Based Business Ideas

What are some of the best home based business ideas out there? We will cover a few on Money Talks. Some of the best home based business ideas out there are right in front of you. The best home based business ideas are normally the very simple ones which everyone skips over and then everyone normally complicates things. So remember when looking for the best home based business ideas keep it stupid simple.

So a few of the best home based business ideas out there are selling on ebay and starting a home based business. One thing to remember is you must learn how to market whatever you are planning to sell online. You must learn how to market period. Zipbz has an awesome live course you can take to learn everything about marketing. Over and out from Money Talks.

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Money Talks-Affiliate Programs

Looking to find Affiliate Programs to join? Well at Money Talks we will go over the different types of affiliate programs there are to join. So you are looking to become an affiliate marketer and make a ton of money selling for affiliate programs. Well before we go deep into affiliate programs, you first need to learn how to market. Most people want to join affiliate programs but they have no clue on how to market on get traffic to their affiliate pages.

So what do you need to know in order to become successful using affiliate programs. First you need traffic. Yup traffic, well OK let's get into that. You could use pay per click advertising which is and can be expensive as hell. You can buy paid for traffic. You know those sites which offer you 10,000 hits for 2o bucks. And that doesn't work one bit. What you need to learn is how to run an effective SEO program in order to get your site to the top of the search engines. And if you think you are going to push your affiliate site to the top of the search engines you can also forget about that as well. You will need to design your own keyword strong website. OK not to worry there is live training on all of this at Zipbz. Check out the site fill out the form and an employee will get back to you. Let me explain something this training is vital if you want to learn how to market anything online. Would you allow a surgeon to perform training on you without any training? So why would you not have the proper training on marketing online? If you are really serious about working and making money with affiliate programs then Zipbz is a must. That's it from Money Talks.

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