Friday, November 9, 2007

Money Talks-Pictures Of Cats

OK today at Money Talks I'm going to give out a little business tip. Pictures of Cats, yup, pictures of cats... If you are looking for a niche home based business start selling pictures of cats. This is a hugely untapped gold mine. There is virtually no competition and people are buying pictures of cats for some reason. I've been looking at this niche for over a year.

Now you maybe wondering where you are going to get pictures of cats. Well OK let's get creative, first find a photographer or an artist. Then work out some kind of arrangement, like maybe they get 75% of everything that is sold. Or you could allow all types of photographers and artists to display their work on your site and they just have to pay a monthly fee and a fee every time one of their creations sell. Next you just have to setup a website with the keywords pictures of cats in it. And start internet marketing for your site. If you do not know how to internet market take a look at Zipbz for live internet marketing and business courses. The key to this whole niche is pictures of cats. We at Money Talks hope some of you take advantage of this huge niche before we do, lol...

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