Friday, November 9, 2007

Money Talks-PPC Advertising

So today at Money Talks we will go over PPC Advertising. So for those of you not familiar with PPC advertising. PPC Advertising stands for pay per click advertising. So what exactly is PPC advertising? PPC advertising is basically where you pay for a given keyword and when someone clicks on your ad regardless of if they buy or not you get charged. Now the price of the click depends on the keyword. If you are shooting after a highly competitive keyword in order to get results you can spend anyone from 10,000 a month and up.

I am not the biggest fan of PPC advertising for a couple simple reasons. First their is PPC fraud where people just click on your links for the hell of it. Next in order to get the really good keywords you can end up spending an arm and a leg just to compete with the larger Fortune 500 companies. An effective solution to this is to learn how to market on the internet without using PPC advertising. Zipbz offers very good live trainings on how to market online and off line. Money Talks will give more info in another blog.

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