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Money Talks-Driving Traffic To Your Website Using Testimonials

Money Talks-Driving Traffic To Your Website Using Testimonials

Driving traffic to your website using testimonials will get you a good amount of traffic. First off many companies are looking for consumers to say good things about their products because it builds their creditability. Next when you find a good product why not say good things about it. It is a win-win for everyone because they get a free testimonial and you get free exposure.
First never vouch for a product you have never tried because if the product sucks people are going to think the same about your product. Also only vouch for product that you have used and actually helped you. Your creditability goes down the drain if you vouch for a product that is worthless. So vouch for products that have benefited you. Driving traffic to your website gets easier with quality testimonials.

So after you find a product you were able to benefit from, send a email to the company. What you want to explain in your email is how their product or service helped you with your product or service. For example" Dear Sam, I purchased your XYZ product and it benefited me in many ways. First I was having trouble marketing my website Then I applied the principles of your product and overnight I had 25 new sales. And let me tell you it did not stop there because of YXZ product I am having my best month ever. We have had over 500 new sales because of your product. Thank You very much! Anyone who is serious about building their business must get this product." Now see you explained what your business was with your link and you explained how the product benefited you. And that's it you get your link on their webpage, plus you get a one-way link (which helps you with search engine ranking).
So driving traffic to your website should get easier using testimonials.

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Money Talks- Prospect Leads using an Affiliate Program

Money Talks- Prospect Leads using an Affiliate Program

Prospecting leads is hard enough but using an affiliate program makes it easier. What an affiliate program is, is where you are allowing other marketers to sell your product or program. You only have to pay when they make a sale. They have to cover all the marketing expenses out of their own pocket, which is great for you. The key is to make sure you reward your affiliates accordingly and make things as easy as possible for them.
First we need to get an affiliate program set-up. So go to your favorite search engine and look up affiliate program systems. Find the affiliate program you are most comfortable with and go with them. They will install everything you need and explain how to use their system. Your prospecting for leads will get easier because your affiliate program is in place.

Next we need to find affiliates. You can advertise wherever you please but I would suggest advertising for affiliates on Remember the higher the commissions are that you pay, the better the affiliates you will get. If you only pay 10% of everything they sell you will not land the big affiliates. Try 50% and watch what happens. Here is a very good tip: Go to and hire people to get power affiliates for you. Only pay them 10 bucks per power affiliate they get and only once the affiliate has signed up with you.

Once you have your affiliate program in place all you have to worry about is getting new affiliates. Always reward your top affiliates with a cash bonus or a vacation to show them their work is appreciated. Contests are also a great way get more sales from your affiliates. Your affiliate program will prospect leads for you because you will have targeted interested people.

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Money Talks-How to use Viral Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Webpage

Money Talks-How to use Viral Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Webpage

Viral marketing is a great way to gain exposure for your site. The key of viral marketing is having your info passed from person to person. There are many different ways to use viral marketing, we will go over a few of them.

1. Writing Articles- Writing your own articles and submitting them to websites is a great way to viral market. Webmasters are always in need of content and all you have to do is provide them with quality content.

2. Writing Ebooks- Another way is writing your own ebook and giving it away for free. If you have never written an ebook before do not worry. Just go to google, there is a ton of info on how to write an ebook. Once you have your ebook you can also give it away as a free bonus for ordering your product.

3. Signature Files- Use signature files in every email you send out. Think about how many emails you send to family and friends. One way to really use your sig file is to send out a joke or something funny to the people you know. In turn they will forward it to their friends and so on.

The great thing about viral marketing is there are many different ways to use this method. All you have to do is be creative and think of new ways to use this technique. Here are a few other examples. Give discounts on your product for every new customer referred or instead of a discount give away free things. Or have a contest, where the customer who refers the most new customers gets 1,000 dollars. You should get the idea. Be creative and this technique could blow your sales through the roof.

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Money Talks-Using Reciprocal Linking To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Money Talks-Using Reciprocal Linking To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Reciprocal linking is a great way to improve your ranking in search engines. All reciprocal linking is, is asking other webmasters to link to your webpage and in return you link to their webpage. The more links you have the better. The one disadvantage of reciprocal linking is it can be very time consuming.

So first you should look for websites who have customers who can benefit from your product or service. For example, let's say you are selling dog food. You should look for websites that sell dog supplies, or things relevant to dogs. But you would not want to link up with a site that only sold dog food. It would not make sense.

You can find websites to link with on Google, Yahoo or any other search engine. After you find the sites you want to link with, go ahead and email them. If your site does not produce heavy amounts of traffic, some of the sites with loads of traffic may not want to link up. This is where you can get a little creative. Try offering them a deal that the webmaster will benefit from. For instance offer the webmaster 10% of all the sales that come from his site.

In order to be effective you should at least contact 25 new webmasters a day. The pay offs can be huge using this method to generate traffic. Also make sure to add the links you are supposed to add to your link page. Lastly make sure you visit the sites you have exchanged with to make sure they have added your link to their webpage.

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Money Talks-How to Gain Traffic From Expired Domains

Money Talks-How to Gain Traffic From Expired Domains

Expired domains are the unknown way of driving traffic to your website. There are many benefits for you from using expired domains. First the traffic has already been built for you. Next the domain name has already been registered, so you do not have to do any work. I strongly suggest you read this article carefully and put into practice the information you get here.

Okay so let's get started. First go to . This is where you can find domains that relate to your business. The domain names should be somewhat relevant to your business. You may use domain names not related to your field but I find it more effective when I use domain names related to my business.

Before you purchase your expired domain name, you need to perform certain checks. We have to make sure the domain name is still bringing in quality traffic. So go to and check your expired domain names to see their traffic level. Then go to to see if a website was ever built for the domain name. Now we need to see how many links the domain name has, the more the better. Go to
If you feel the domain name is getting good traffic, it is then time to register it and redirect the traffic to your site.

Register the name, and then get a free account with Add the domain name with them and all the traffic should be redirected to you.

Here are a couple things to remember. Do your homework. If you purchase 3 or 4 good domain names the results should be through the roof. The key is to make sure the expired domain names are still getting a lot of traffic.

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Money Talks-How to Write a Killer Sales Letter

Money Talks-How to Write a Killer Sales Letter

When writing a sales letter there are certain rules you should follow. Your main goal when writing a sales letter is to catch your readers interest. Before you begin to write your sales letter, research your target audience. Learn what their common needs and problems are. Now let's continue to the content of the sales letter.

Your headline is key. Go through newspapers, and other ads to see what headlines strike you as effective. You want your headline to jump out at the reader. Your headline should also point out how it will benefit your reader. For instance " 10 ways you can make 1 million in a year." That is an example of striking headline. Or " Learn how my red monkey makes 15 grand a month".
Next you need to arouse curiosity in the first couple of sentences of the letter. Then you must show how your customer will benefit from your product or service. Remember to explain how your customer will benefit not how you will benefit. This is where most sales letters go wrong, they fail to convey the benefits of the product to the customer.

Next establish credibility with your customer. Give your experience and/or customer testimonials. Always offer a full money back guarantee, it shows that you have confidence in your product or service.

Here are some other things to keep in mind when writing a sales letter. Place a date on the letter so the offer is always is current and not backdated. Next add a limited time offer, like a bonus for the first 100 buyers or a discount for the first 24 hours. Always make sure you take your limited time offer off the shelf, after the offer expires. Lastly write the sales letter as if you are directly speaking to one person. Do not write the sales letter as if you are speaking to a group of people.

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Money Talks-Using AOL and Yahoo Classified Ads to Generate Traffic

Money Talks-Using AOL and Yahoo Classified Ads to Generate Traffic

Classified ads are a great place to get exposure for your business. The two main classified ad sources are AOL and Yahoo. There are others you can use but these produce great exposure when done correctly.

So first things first. You must create an eye catching sales ad. If you are not familiar with writing sales ads, hire a sales writer at If you want to write your own sales ads here are somethings to keep in mind. First, your headline must grab the reader's attention. Look at examples of other sales ads. See what catches your eye and what doesn't . Next, in the body of your ad you must explain the benefit of what you have to offer to the reader. And not how it benefits you but how it benefits the reader. Explain how you are going to solve a problem they maybe having. Test out your sales ads and see what works.

After you have your sales ad go to AOL and Yahoo. Let's start with AOL. AOL charges a 12.50 fee for posting an ad. Yahoo is free. Also Yahoo allows you to submit up to 10 ads. AOL may charge a fee but it is worth it. Here is a tip for the Yahoo Classified ads , delete your ads every 4 days and replace them with new ads. This keeps you at the top where more people will see your ads.

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Money Talks-Promoting Your Website Offline Part II

Money Talks-Promoting Your Website Offline Part II

Here are some other ways to promote your website offline. This article is continued from Part I.
This next method can be costly but this is what I consider taking your business to the next level. Sponsoring local community events, little league teams, high schools, and any other events you can get your hands on. Once you are the official sponsor you can post your banners on gyms, at high school football games, and any other events that draw a large crowd. Pass out free T-shirts, caps, pens, pencils, and anything else you can think of. Here are a couple things to remember. First and foremost by sponsoring the community you are building trust. Next you are creating repeated exposure for your business. Imagine having sponsored all the major events in your city, yes the cost to sponsor everything would be great but your profits would be even greater. People go with what they are familiar with. That is why all the major companies sponsor all the major events they can get their hands on. This all depends on your budget but it is well worth the cost.

The next method is placing an ad in your local paper. I think that this is a great alternative if you do not have the money to sponsor local community events. Just take out an ad in your local paper. Try to get the most for your money. If you are going to use this method I would advise to take out the ad space each week because repeated exposure is key.

The last method is advertising with banners on your car. Personally, I would never put banners on my car but if you are okay with it go right ahead. What I do instead is pay people to place banners on their cars for me. Make sure their car is decent looking because the car reflects your business. To find people willing to do this just post an ad in the employment section of your newspaper. Well that's it so good luck.

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Money Talks-Promoting Your Website Offline Part I

Money Talks-Promoting Your Website Offline Part I

Many people overlook promoting their website offline but promoting your website offline is a very effective way of driving traffic to your website. There are many different ways of promoting your website offline, it all just depends on what kind of budget you are working with.
First there are a couple of things you should have ready before you begin to advertise your website offline. Your domain name is key. You want your domain name to be something easy to remember and catchy. Make sure it is also easy to spell and say.

The easiest and most obvious way of promoting your website offline is through business cards. Business cards can be purchased for a low price and you should get a good amount of cards for your money. There are many ways to get your cards out. You can hire a college student to pass them out for you at big events or just give them to your associates.

The next method would be flyers. Flyers are great because you can just leave them at high traffic areas. Like carnivals, sporting events, colleges, parking lots, and concerts. Sporting events and concerts are a great place to leave your flyers. Just leave a stack behind in the restroom or drop flyers in the parking lot. Many people would rather take a look at a flyer on the floor than look at a flyer on their car. I am not sure why but most people will just toss a flyer on the floor if it is on their windshield without ever looking at it. There might also be 10 other flyers on their car. One other place to place flyers is at business conventions.

Here are some other things you can use to advertise your website: letterheads, envelopes, receipts, invoices, sales letters, and post cards.

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Money Talks And The Steps To Starting A Business

Well let's go over the steps to starting a business, at Money Talks. So what are the steps to starting a business? Well first you will need to raise or must have capital. Depending on what type of business you are looking to start. If you are planning on starting a home based business then the amount of money can be significantly less, then if you are starting a business from scratch. If you do not have the money needed, you may have to take out a loan from the bank or raise the money through investors. Normally when raising the money through investors, investors love to invest with business people with excellent track records. If this is your first business then you may have to bring someone aboard who has an excellent track record. Which brings me into my next paragraph.

One of the key steps to starting a business is building a solid team. From lawyers, advisors, tax lawyers, bookkeepers, employees, sales teams, and marketing teams. One of the major problems with business owners is they try to do everything themselves. Work smarter not harder. Running a business is simple, hire people who are the best at what they do and have them work for you. The people you have around you will either make you or break you. And if you are trying to run your business by yourself you may succeed but you will not have any time freedom and you will be stressed out. So those are the main steps to starting a business, that's it from Money Talks.

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Money Talks- Idea For Starting A Home Based Business

Today at Money Talks we will go over an idea for starting a home based business. So you have been searching online for that idea for starting a home based business. Well at Money Talks we may have solved your problem. So you can stop looking for that idea for starting a home based business.

When you are looking for that idea for starting a home based business, what should you be looking for? First you should look for a company with an excellent record. Next you should also be looking for a company with great training from some of the best online. The trainings are key and really come into play. Especially when you are first getting started. These two factors are key when looking for a home based business.

At Money Talks we suggest taking a look at one of our free seminars at Zipbz for more info relating for an idea for starting a home based business.

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