Friday, November 16, 2007

Money Talks-Promoting Your Website Offline Part I

Money Talks-Promoting Your Website Offline Part I

Many people overlook promoting their website offline but promoting your website offline is a very effective way of driving traffic to your website. There are many different ways of promoting your website offline, it all just depends on what kind of budget you are working with.
First there are a couple of things you should have ready before you begin to advertise your website offline. Your domain name is key. You want your domain name to be something easy to remember and catchy. Make sure it is also easy to spell and say.

The easiest and most obvious way of promoting your website offline is through business cards. Business cards can be purchased for a low price and you should get a good amount of cards for your money. There are many ways to get your cards out. You can hire a college student to pass them out for you at big events or just give them to your associates.

The next method would be flyers. Flyers are great because you can just leave them at high traffic areas. Like carnivals, sporting events, colleges, parking lots, and concerts. Sporting events and concerts are a great place to leave your flyers. Just leave a stack behind in the restroom or drop flyers in the parking lot. Many people would rather take a look at a flyer on the floor than look at a flyer on their car. I am not sure why but most people will just toss a flyer on the floor if it is on their windshield without ever looking at it. There might also be 10 other flyers on their car. One other place to place flyers is at business conventions.

Here are some other things you can use to advertise your website: letterheads, envelopes, receipts, invoices, sales letters, and post cards.

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