Friday, November 16, 2007

Money Talks-Promoting Your Website Offline Part II

Money Talks-Promoting Your Website Offline Part II

Here are some other ways to promote your website offline. This article is continued from Part I.
This next method can be costly but this is what I consider taking your business to the next level. Sponsoring local community events, little league teams, high schools, and any other events you can get your hands on. Once you are the official sponsor you can post your banners on gyms, at high school football games, and any other events that draw a large crowd. Pass out free T-shirts, caps, pens, pencils, and anything else you can think of. Here are a couple things to remember. First and foremost by sponsoring the community you are building trust. Next you are creating repeated exposure for your business. Imagine having sponsored all the major events in your city, yes the cost to sponsor everything would be great but your profits would be even greater. People go with what they are familiar with. That is why all the major companies sponsor all the major events they can get their hands on. This all depends on your budget but it is well worth the cost.

The next method is placing an ad in your local paper. I think that this is a great alternative if you do not have the money to sponsor local community events. Just take out an ad in your local paper. Try to get the most for your money. If you are going to use this method I would advise to take out the ad space each week because repeated exposure is key.

The last method is advertising with banners on your car. Personally, I would never put banners on my car but if you are okay with it go right ahead. What I do instead is pay people to place banners on their cars for me. Make sure their car is decent looking because the car reflects your business. To find people willing to do this just post an ad in the employment section of your newspaper. Well that's it so good luck.

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