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Home Based Network Marketing - Recurring Residual Income Secrets

Recurring Income is another term for residual income. In a nutshell, there are three (3) types of income streams that you may have coming into your business.

1. If you do a one-time job, sale or perform a contract, you get paid once and the income stops there.

2. If you do a normal 9 to 5 job, you will continue to get paid as long you continue to work for your employer-often called a linear income. This is the type of income that the majority of workers "enjoy." Even if you are a neurosurgeon, lawyer or engineer, you are only paid as long as you continue working. You stop working and the bank account dwindles.

3. The third type of income is the recurring income where you are paid even after you have stopped working. For example, you wrote a book and as long as your book continues to sell, you will continue to receive royalty income for a work done once.

Majority of rich and affluent people created wealth through a form of recurring income stream. Take singer Michael Jackson for example; he still continues to receive royalty from the sales of his records made decades ago. He can even repackage the same oldies and sell them to generate new income. He doesn't have to spend time in the studio to record new songs in order to have the cash keep flowing in! This is the most ideal situation of the three. We would all like to work once and get paid over and over again. That is the power of recurring income!

The majority of professionals that enjoy this type of income belong to the creative fields such as actors, writers, singers, and inventors.

Unfortunately, not many of us are blessed with the talents Michael Jackson has, let alone the opportunities to be in the lucrative industries. However, there is one budding opportunity for any ordinary individual today to enjoy residual income today in the 21st century.

You've guessed it: it's none other than Network Marketing.

Al Sims is a successful Full-Time Internet Entrepreneur and Author. Al Sims is the founder of Rich LifeStyles Network, a community of Home Based Money Makers, Bosses and Entrepreneurs.
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How To Make Money Working Online

There are many home based businesses that provide a legitimate opportunity to make money working online. People from all walks of life are taking advantage of the internet and all it has to offer as place to do business. There are various reasons why people consider starting an online business such as generating extra income, spending extra time with their family, making a career change, starting a business , and creating a flexible work schedule. These are all appealing reasons to consider starting an online business.

If you are going to start an online business it is going to take discipline. It is not going to be any different from running any other type business. You are going to have put time and effort into your venture if you truly want to truly make money working online. It is easy to stray and waste time on meaningless activities that are not going to contribute to building your business. The key is to focus your efforts on income producing activities.

There are many online businesses that have very attractive compensation programs. In order to take advantage of these programs you need to learn the art of marketing online. Let's face it if you cannot drive traffic to your business you are not going to make money working online. There are many different strategies to market a business online and new strategies are constantly being developed. There are many different strategies available to the internet entrepreneur ranging from free strategies to expensive advertising campaigns.

This is why choosing the right opportunity, with continual support can make all the difference in your ability to succeed. It is up to you to take responsibility for yourself and take action on a daily basis if you truly want to make money working online!

Michael Costa is a successful entrepreneur who enjoys helping other people reach their true potential. He currently coaches people to financial success at www.InnerCircleSite.info.



Money Talks-Making Money With Online Government Auctions

Money Talks-Making Money With Online Government Auctions

When most people hear that it's possible to make money with online government auctions they tend to be a bit skeptical. Well allow me to put your mind at ease and tell you that not only is it possible to make money on the internet, but it's simpler and less convoluted than you think. For years auction goers have bought and resold seized and surplus merchandise for a sizeable profit. This is also done in real estate where the process is known as flipping.

Now that you understand the potential profit that can be made from a government auction let me explain why online auctions are the way to go. Online auctions have gained enormous popularity in recent years and the reason for this is simple; they are incredibly convenient and often times items won through the auction may be shipped directly to your door (assuming they are transportable.) Obviously with seized homes you'd have to go to the actual property, but the bidding process could very well be done online.

Seized and surplus items may come from different sources but they essentially provide the same type of service: selling merchandise to the general public. At a seized property auction, goods are acquired due to illegal activities or ill-gotten gains. You typically find luxury and higher-end merchandise at a seized auction because criminals love to buy the best cars, boats, houses, and electronics. Their loss could potentially end up being your gain if you attend this type of auction. Also, most of these items are sold for well under market value resulting in even higher profits when you resell.

Now while seized property auctions sound incredible, surplus property isn't chopped liver. Surplus property auctions are the ideal place to find all kinds of things ranging from electronics and boats to office supplies and automobiles. The surplus items the government receives are excess goods that they had originally been purchased by them at some point or another but have since been replaced either by better models or simply because that particular item is no longer needed. Another reason might be that when the items were purchased for government use they simply had ordered too many of one item resulting in many new or barely used items.
Once you attend the auction and find the items that interest you, now comes the part that most people fear: the resale. In all actuality, this process is quite simple and requires minimal self-research. Websites like eBay and Amazon were designed to help everyday people like you and me resell their old junk, new merchandise, or in this case seized and surplus items that are acquired from online government auctions.

Before seeking out online government auctions to jump-start your moneymaking endeavors, you'll first need to find an all-in-one resource website that can give you the government auction information you need, when you need it. The website? GovernmentAuctions.org -- the only place where you can not only find government seized and surplus property information, but foreclosures, pre-foreclosure listings, tax sales, police/sheriff auctions, and much more. Start making money today by participating in an online government auction!

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Money Talks-The Rules of Money

Money Talks-The Rules of Money

It's Not What You Earn, It is What You Keep.

Your income is important, but it's what you keep that counts. Think about what you will earn over your lifetime. If you work form age 25 to age 65 or about 40 years, and assuming you gradually increase your income and your average income comes out to be $30,000 a year over your working years.

$30,000 x 40 years = $1.2 million

So you have earned a million dollars, but where did all the money go
If you're doing really well you could easily average $60,000 per year, earning $2.4 million over your working years. If both husband and wife are working these estimates are low. Why is it that with all this money passing through your hands, most people could not imagine being a millionaire and are living from paycheque to paycheque. Look at the money you have earned in your own lifetime and you will be shocked. How much have you saved?

The Things That Keep You Poor.

Where did all the money go? You know that it is important to save, but you need to live today, so you are pulled in several directions at the same time. We all want to have all the toys, the thought is we deserve them for all the work we are doing. Therefore we end up with more bills than there is money. You end up stuck living paycheque to paycheque.

Using some simple principles and a little discipline can change everything.The most important thing that you can do to solve your financial challenges is to change your attitude and believe it is possible. Why don't we make the effort to learn how to manage our money smarter?

1) You do not think you have enough money to manage. You can find ways to free up money- no matter how tight it is.

2) You do not think you have the time. Are you kidding! You can not afford, not to take the time to learn about money or would you rather retire broke?

3)You do not think you have the knowledge. You think the rich have some hidden advantage, they don't. You think that you need to pay money managers hefty fees to look after your money. The truth is the same money management techniques are available to everyone. A personal money manager knows and applies some basic rules to gain maximum value for the minimum price. An advisor can be hired for little or no cost and will keep you accountable to saving. Your financial institution has financial planners that you can hire for nothing, they are paid on salary and don't charge you a dime. They want you to invest your money with them and will give you advice on how to save and invest. Find an advisor that has a recognized financial planning designation and let them help you.

Building the Foundation.

The foundation to your financial house needs to be sound or the house will collapse. If the foundation is not solid when you construct a house the rest of the effort is useless. The cement that holds together your financial house includes three ingredients, the belief that you can achieve financial freedom, clear goals, and a definite plan.

The belief that you can achieve financial freedom, must be a passionate belief. You must live in the present believing in the abundance of the universe and attracting that abundance into your life. Your thoughts must be of abundance and gratitude for what you already have and for the financial freedom that you know you will achieve.

You need to set goals as an incentive to make the necessary sacrifices and as a benchmark to gauge your progress. You need short term goals that are quickly realized and long term goals for major cash accumulation. A short term goal could be a summer vacation as a reward for setting aside extra money during the year. A long term goal which requires more discipline over a longer period may be owning your dream home.

Setting goals forces you to think about what is really important to you and make choices to achieve those goals. Retirement should always be one of your goals, because before you know it, it will be a reality.

The financial roadmap is the first step to reaching your destination. Keep your financial plan simple, it's mostly about having a plan to save money. The plan must have specific goals, but must also be realistic. A reasonable and attainable plan is the secret to success

A Specific example of what you need to consider!

If you are 30 years old and want to save one million by retirement, first you need your specific retirement age, lets say, age 65. You can use a financial calculator to find out that you need to save $261 per month earning 10% to reach your goal. You are currently saving $ 100 per month, so the next question is how to save the extra $161. There are a couple of choices, you can cut back on spending or make more money. If you cut out one latte a day at $3.50 over 20 days per month, that would be $70.00. Or you might become a more valued employee by learning a new skill and get a raise at work of $1.00 an hour, which is an extra $40.00 per week or $160 per month. You may have a hobby that you love that could earn you a part time income by selling information in an online business. Check out our web site for more ideas. You can check out the numbers with links to financial calculators from our web site.

You get the idea, small changes can make a big difference.

Financial security is starts by saving small amounts over time, which can be used to build larger amounts by investing in assets that increase in value.

Where did the money go? -the dreaded "B" Word

A budget sounds like a lot of trouble, and too much sacrifice, but if you keep it simple that need not be the case. If you just keep track of spending for a few months and make a conscious effort to reduce waste you will get a picture of where your money goes, and chances are you will immediately see some areas that are out of line.

The real shocker for most people is cash and how it just seems to disappear. Keep track of where the money that comes out of the ATM goes. The more you live with the budgeting process the more it becomes second nature and you begin to control your expenses rather than your expenses controlling you.

Go to our web site to get a simple Monthly Budget Planner.
Separate Wants From Needs.

You must constantly keep your priorities in mind, control impulse buying, and keep in mind that bargains are only bargains when what you are buying is something you actually need.

None of us like to face the basic rule of managing money that you can't have everything, which means distinguishing between wants and needs. Do you need a new car or do you just want a new car when the old one will actually do for a while yet. If is going to cost you more in repairs to keep the old car, it may be time to change. The consideration of all the costs in purchasing the new car versus keeping the old car should be considered. You may have to postpone some of your wants for a while, which is not that tough, but is very important to your financial health.
Everyone knows someone who seemed to have all the toys, but when tough times hit was financially ruined. If you focus on wants and ignore savings you are leveraging your future for a present of fun and can end up paying a horrible price.

Procrastination the #1 dream killer.

The most important part of your financial plan is taking action. You can't do everything at once, don't get stuck in the planning stage, start one thing that will move you closer to your goal of financial freedom. Don't get discouraged it will take some time, but once you start and you have some small successes you will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

David Lee is Financial Management Advisor, FMA, and has over ten years of experience as an independent advisor and working with major financial institutions. His goal is help people achieve financial freedom and enjoy the freedom to do what you want , when you want that wealth can provide.

Visit our web site at http://www.manifestingwealth.ca/ for resources and and free reports.

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Work From Home Opportunities

Many people are looking for work from home opportunities . There are many work from home opportunities out there. Some are solid work from home opportunities and some are scams. It's the scams which give work from home opportunities a bad rap. I'm sure you've seen ads promising you the world and ending up not coming through. When looking at work from home opportunities you must do your due diligence.

There are many types of work from home opportunities out there. There are envelope stuffing from home opportunities, filling out surveys, and many others. The thing to understand with these types of work from home opportunities is they will not make you rich and the pay is not great at all. For the amount of time and effort you have to put in, it is just not worth it. You are better off getting a 9 to 5. But there is something much better than using these bogus work from home opportunities.

Instead of looking for these bogus work from home opportunities why not start your own home based business? I know it may sound like a daunting task but in reality it is not. Take what you are doing right now, let's say you are a plumber why not start your own plumbing business? And you can do the same with whatever skill you may have. If you are an IT tech start consulting. The same goes for just about anything. If you have no skills what so ever, which I highly doubt, start training yourself to become an expert in something. The key thing is to start working for yourself instead of somebody else. Most people spend their lives working and making someone else richer. Starting your own part time business is the way to go and it definitely beats these bogus work from home opportunities.
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