Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The 10 Common Pitfalls of Roulette Systems

Here are the ten most common types of roulette system, and why you should beware of them:

Progressive betting system: The most common of all. Lose on the first bet? Just double it and double again until you win. That's all well and good but eventually you will hit the table limit, or your own wallet's limit, and then you are bust.

Pure chance: Wait for five reds then bet on black! Does not work.

Number patterns: These systems rely on tiny discrepancies in the roulette wheel, or in the case of online casinos, in the roulette software, which cause numbers to come up in patterns. The idea is to write down the last ten spins and then use a formula to calculate the most likely number to come next. Unfortunately wheels are now so closely measured that you have a higher chance of being hit by a meteorite than of making money from this.

Wheel measuring devices: A number of electronic devices are on sale that apparently measure the roulette wheel and determine where it will stop. The problem with these is that first they do not work and secondly if you are ever spotted trying to use one you will be kicked out of the casino and will be very lucky if you avoid prosecution.

"Free" systems: All the free roulette systems on the internet rely on one factor. When you use the system you will first sign up to their recommended casino, for which the kind author gets handsomely rewarded. Avoid free systems and instead choose a system which works in any casino
Martingale: This system is one of the oldest, and probably the most simple. It relies on you doubling your bet so that each win cancels out the previous losses. As per number 1 this will cause you to go bust in the end.

Complex rules: Some systems are so complex that they are almost impossible to model mathematically. While this makes them difficult to disprove it unfortunately doesn't overcome the fact that they can't beat the house edge.

Roulette Software: Complex roulette software can record each winning number and suggest the next one for you. In effect these software packages are simply doing what one of the above systems is doing. No more no less. Don't expect any more success than by doing the guessing yourself.

Magic number: Often touted as the way to make money from the bookies machine, this system re-lies on the fact that once a certain number comes up it is always followed by another one in a strict pattern. This is clearly ludicrous and if it were ever the case would be fixed immediately.
Cheating(!): Finally, the best and worst of all. Yes, cheating can help you win but 1) it is practically impossible to do at roulette, and 2) you will be prosecuted for trying.

Avoid the roulette systems above and enjoy playing roulette.

Alex Mayer is a gaming industry professional from London, England. With a masters in Mathematics she offers private consultancy and advice to casino operators. Alex is also the author of the Mayer Roulette Strategy.

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