Monday, January 26, 2009

Now Is The Time For A Home Business

Many people are continuing to struggle day to day and month to month. Why? Because many people are living by rules that applied in a different time. Go to school, get a high paying job and let your company take care of you, when you retire. That mentality is a thing of the past.

People continuing to hold on to these past values will find life harder and more complicated in this new age. Major corporations are no longer taking care of their employees at all.

Let's look at the ways companies are screwing their employees. First many white and blue collar jobs are getting shipped overseas. Cheaper labor equals more profit for these greedy CEO's. Next companies no longer take care of their employees instead they want you to invest in a 401k. Investing in a 401k is gambling and hoping the stock market is doing well when you choose to retire. If the stock market is down when you choose to retire, you are screwed.

Globalization is here to stay. That is a fact! Many people sit around their TV's and bitch and moan. These same people hope a bankrupt government can also save them. If you are hoping the government and greedy companies will take care of you, then you should stop reading now. Just keep your head in the sand and pray!

For those of you who actually want to change your lives for the better, than the rest is for you. You see this is a great time to become rich, the opportunity to make money very quickly is here. Many people are getting rich working from home while the others are whining and moaning.

Think about this. Before if you wanted to go into business for yourself you needed a bank loan, maybe an office or store. Just depending on what you are selling. It took alot of startup money just to break even.

Nowadays, all you need is a computer with internet access. Look at many of the top companies. Myspace, Dell, Amazon were started by normal everyday people with just a little bit of startup money and some good old fashioned work. Think about this, major companies are paying pennies on the dollar to hire cheap labor overseas. What's to stop you from doing the same? Nothing!

Here's my main point, now is the time to start a home business. The resources are cheap and available to all. Those who fail to realize this will work 100 times harder and earn 100 times less than what they use to. Either you can choose to be rich or you can choose to be poor and hope the government will bail you out!

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