Saturday, October 10, 2009


Bad Habits - You Can Change the Outcome
By Mark Bodnar

It has been said winning is contagious. The same thing can be said about losing. Doing the same thing over and over becomes a habit. Breaking that habit can be hard to do. It take determination and a desire to change. It takes a willingness to do things different even when it just doesn't feel right.

When it comes to the world of sports wagering, changing old habits can be as difficult as than any other area of life. The glutton can eat smaller portions. The alcoholic can stop drinking and go to meetings. A losing bettor has to change his mindset, He has to change his perception. He has to find another betting system.

Finding another system may seem easy. There a hundreds, if not thousands, of systems claiming to be the best. They guarantee to give you the best 5 or 10 bets for the week. For most, this may be fine,]. But for the sports investor, the best bets may not be the most profitable. The sports investor is looking for long term gains and stability. This means not just looking at today but also the days to come. Sports investing is not gambling, per se. It is more like financial planning. Sports investing is as simple as having system with guidelines and parameters.

The best sports betting systems have several things in common. First and foremost, does it have a proven track record? The newest usually is not the best. Next, does the gambling community view it as a successful entity? Sports gamblers know who is real and they will share information readily. Third, does this betting system have an escape clause? Can you get your money back? Some systems will have just what you need.

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, it's time to climb aboard your new sports betting system. Have fun with your new money source.

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