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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Understand Search Engine Optimization

When you are searching on the web for something you want to buyor just search for some information, you go to a handful ofsearch engines out there and type in what you are looking forand receive a ton of different sites to visit. So what if youwant your website or business to show up at the top of the page? This is where search engine optimization comes into play. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is used by onlinebusinesses as a way to increase their chances of being in thetop ten rankings on search engines. Because most web surfersonly look at the top three or five websites listed, being thathigh in ranking increases the possibility of making a sale.Because there are many tricks to using SEO, you may becomeconfused easily if you are not used to it.

Keywords are the most important part of search engine optimization. Otherwise known as tags, keywords are descriptorsof your business or site. The best ways to use SEO is to addkeywords and phrases to your web pages and create back links toyour website so potential customers will be able to find yoursite regardless of whether they use a search engine or not.Search engines use web spiders that search each website andsites connected to it in order to create rankings. While thisoccurs very quickly, search engines actually check millions ofpages checking for sites that are frequently mentioned online.Adding keywords and phrases and adding back links on otherwebsites are easy ways to increase your web presence.

After creating your website, you should conduct research tofind the most popular keywords that people use when looking forgoods and services similar to the ones on your website. Eachpage within your site should include keywords in the content,Meta tags, and in the heading of your page. Choosing keywords isnot an exact science. Since you cannot read the minds of thoseusing search engines, you will need to choose words and phrasesthat are common. Search engines have free tools you can use todetermine which words are the most popular for your website.Let's say your business is selling computer products. Possiblekeywords, or tags, could include software, diagnostic tools,printers, keyboard, mouse, and window operating system. Andthese are just to name a few. The more keywords you purchasemeans more possible hits for your site. And in some cases themore keywords, or tags, that you have, the better the chance isof having your site at the top of the list.

You will have to update keywords each month since thepopularity will chance and words will no longer be used as muchas they used to. Update your web pages when adding new contentor sections of your website. This will help increase the numberof hits you receive. Track your hits to see where they arecoming from so you can have a better understanding of whichwords work the best.

Creating back links is another way to increase your webpresence. Back links are simply links to your web site. They canbe added to your blog, articles you submit to articledirectories, press releases, and other web sites. The more backlinks you have, the higher your search engine ranking will be.Adding keywords to your press releases and articles will alsohelp.

SEO is not difficult to achieve once you get the hang of it.Start by adding keywords and phrases in order to begin usingSEO. Add back links whenever possible so you will gain moreexposure on the web. Track where all of your traffic is comingfrom so you can market in areas that generate the most traffic.

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