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Make Money

Make Money

How To Make Money Blogging

If you know how to make money blogging, then it is possible tomake a living from your blog. There is a lot of money inblogging if you know how to go about it, although not all ofthem are suited to all people. To most bloggers, their blog is a means of communication, andsomething that they love doing just for the fun of blogging.They do not feel the need to money from their blogs, or at leastnot initially. However, the longer many people are involved inblogging, the more they tend to add monetization to their page.They can do this in a number of ways, although if you are new toblogs, you should probably get your blog known before trying tofind ways of making money from your visitors.

Blogging is not so much a skill as an art, and there are manyexcellent bloggers that wouldn't know where to begin to makemoney with internet marketing. So, if you are used to makingmoney on your websites, then make sure that you understand howto blog before you try to make money from that as well. Thereason for that is that blog readers are not like search engineusers. They are not necessarily seeking information or theanswer to a problem. They likely want to be entertained, or tofind out what their favorite blogger has to say next.

When you are considering how to make money blogging, therefore,you have to consider what type of blog you need in order not toscare away those in it for the fun. Any `how to' blog would be agood candidate, although it depends on the subject that youoffering information on how to do it! `How to Avoid SpendingMoney Online' would be a very popular blog, but not conducive toattracting people just dying to open their wallets for you!

`How to Avoid Spending Money Online – only $97 Buy it here'.Ha-Ha! Some chance. So consider the topic of your blog. If youare offering information, for example info on training dogs,then you can add some Adsense blocks o your blog and make somemoney that way. If your readers want to, they can click on oneof the links for more information.

You could also add an affiliate product that is relevant toyour topic. Don't overdo it, just add the one and see how itgoes. To do this, you have to be able to control your blogcontent and formatting. To have total control you should runyour blog from your own website, rather than from Download your own blogging software, andWordpress offer a free download from – that isprobably your best bet if you need total control.

There are other ways in which you can use your blog to make money, one of them being to advertise your websites on yoursidebar. You can modify your sidebar using HTML from yourDashboard, though will have to be using the downloaded version.You can also include a good affiliate offer in your sidebar. Anyproduct will do that is related to the topic of your blog. Don'thave a blog about carp fishing and offer dog training courses. Iknow it seems obvious, but you would be surprised!

Another thing you can do to make money indirectly from bloggingis to include an opt-in form somewhere on your blog. You couldadd one to each blog, but the easiest is simply to put it onyour sidebar. This works best with a three column blog, but youcould add it to the top or bottom of your sidebar for maximumeffect.

These are just one or two ways how to make money blogging, andit just takes a bit of imagination for you to think of many morethat you can use to make money while enjoying your blogging.People don't mind paying for stuff they want to buy, and thosethat are not interested don't have to click on your links. Manypeople make their living from blogs and if you know to do itproperly, you can do the same. All it takes is a bit of thoughtand the knowledge of what can be done and must be done toachieve it.

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