Monday, November 19, 2007

Taking Action

Business is all about taking action, period! Today I think a majority of people have gotten it all wrong. Many people believe all you have to do is think positive thoughts and your dreams and goals will come true. This is completely wrong, thinking positive is great and all but it is only half of the battle. Taking action is what counts. Yes you must also be positive but taking action is where you make the bucks.

Ok now everything starts in your mind. If you believe you can't do something you won't and if you believe you don't deserve something you won't get it. So knowing that you must begin to believe in yourself and how do you begin to believe in yourself? By taking action. Taking action is how you begin to develop self-confidence. Start off small or with what you feel comfortable with. Do not worry if you don't hit your goal on the first try, just keep on trying and you will develop your skill set.

Now taking action is broken up into parts. Some people major in the minor things like organizing their desks or files. This kind of action is pointless, the action you must take is action towards your given goals and dreams.People like this make the mistake that they are actually getting work done when in fact they are not getting anything done. You must take action which moves you towards your goal, taking action which does not move you towards your goal is pointless. I had a friend who wanted to become a movie producer so his plan of action was to go out to nightclubs every night to network. Well three years later he still hasn't gotten anywhere but he swears he is being productive and moving closer to his goal. I'm not trying to knock anyone but do not make the mistake taking the wrong kind of action.

So in closing you must take action, you have to swing the bat eventually. Feeling good about yourself and dreaming is great but start taking action to achieve those dreams.

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