Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Money Talks-Making and Keeping Money - What You Need To Know

Money Talks-Making and Keeping Money - What You Need To Know

In developed countries like the United States the word success can't be discussed without the idea of financial abundance trouncing into our thoughts. More than any other impediment in the western world to achieving success, financial abundance stands in the way. Discussing money as it relates to our psychology of success is paramount because if you don't understand what I am about to explain, money or not - you may never "succeed" financially. Money is the one item on the list defining success that leaves most of us continually frustrated and here is why.

Unlike climbing a mountain face with a very clear and specific goal in mind (getting to the top), money, which is endless in supply, has no end measurement in which one can feel complete. Our "more more more" culture and continual media bombardment defines money as success. Even when we have a goal set for a certain dollar figure we find that this mountain of money goes higher and higher and the climb never ends. The constant desire to succeed in any form turns into frustration when complete is indefinable. This is one of the inherent problems we face when pursuing financial wealth. Most of us lead lives of quiet desperation rarely satisfied with what we have or what we have accomplished even though we know there are many things that are greater than money and leave a legacy far greater than the trust funds of billionaires.

When you think of greatness, what people from history come to mind? Of them, how many were rich? Get the point? Unlike any other goal, material wealth is physically quantifiable and unlike other goals you'll reach, it can be taken away or lost. Because of the stress of possibly losing financial wealth, most people with wealth treat it as if it was a scarce resource continually needing more and more and more.

You see, if you help 1000 orphans, climb Mt. Everest, get a black belt, earn a doctorate, raise beautiful kind considerate children, stay married and in love to the same person for 60 years, offer only kind words and encouragement to people, treat co-workers with compassion and understanding, or help the needy, if you do these things, they can never be taken away from you yet without a doubt they are great. Though life is certainly easier with money, being aware of the difficulties surrounding it is important for your psychology. Though you may or may not have ever discovered how to earn a ton of money, you'll be happy to know that a fountain of wealth much greater than you could ever imagine lies in discovering and following your passion.

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