Monday, October 15, 2007

Money Talks-Persistence

Money Talks-Persistence

Remember that word. Persistence is a key factor in making money. The reason why a majority of people never make money is because they lack persistence. Most people give up as soon as the first challenge pops. They quit before the game has even started. With persistence you can accomplish all you set out to accomplish.

There is an old tale on Persistence. I will will just outline the story.

During the gold rush everyone was packing up their bags to make big in gold in San Francisco. (Kind of like everyone becoming real estate agents today) There was a guy who thought he had hit a gold mine, so he invested all of savings into equipment and went to work drilling. 3 Months later he had still not come up any gold at all. So he quit and sold the mine. The next guy who bought the mine found gold, 3 feet away from where the previous owner had stopped drilling.

So the whole point is never give up and keep on trying no matter how many times you may fall.

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